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GUARD BANDS helps you stay at EASE with risky, but potential investments!
How to start Investing?

For buying & selling stocks, you need a Trading Account with a Broker.

For having a trading account, you should have the PAN Card.

So let us take things step by step..

Apply for PAN Card

You can apply Online/Offline for the PAN Card.  Please find the details here:


If you are applying offline, you can get the help of various agencies in your locality.  The total cost should be less than Rs. 1000/- & the total waiting time will be from 15 days to 30 days.

Start Trading Account

After getting PAN Card, you can start a Trading Account.  I prefer an Online Trading Account as you can buy & sell shares at your own.  Following are the leading providers of online trading accounts:

  1. ICICI Direct @ 0.75% interest
  2. Geojit BNP Paribas @ 0.3% interest
  3. T20 @ Rs. 20/-

Please note that the brokerage will be applied for both buy & sell, hence a low brokerage account is advised.  You can contact the branch office of each providers for starting the account.  ICICI Direct have better web interface than Geojit, T20 is cheaper but the application is complicated.