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What is this site about?

This site is basically to enable value investors with the tools to automate their research process in Indian Stock Market. The site have automated the process of analyzing a company based on Financial Statement. The site creation is inspired from the book "The Interpretations of Financial Statements" which reveals the way by which Warren Buffett the Great Mr. Market approaches Stock Market. We believe that the proper usage of site will enable the investor to find the gem scrips for long term advantage from a list above of 3000 scrips in Indian Stock market.

It is also dedicated to convert a newbie investor to the value investor without being puzzled by the different faces of Stock Market Enabling tools for new investors in stock market. The professional investors already have the knowledge, tools and informations for making an investment decision. The new investor is quite trapped in stock market using media, tips etc. It has been said that only 10% of people makes money in stock market.

As a value investor it is necessary that he/she should master the financial statments analysis. It is a hard job at the beginning, It is difficult but not impossible. After a proper analysis only the investor will get confidence in buying the scrip and buying again when the CMP is down.