Narayana Murthy re-entering to Infosys


Infosys Dividend Yield is around 2% per year, Narayana Murthy is having 5000 crores worth shares which itself gives 100 crore Annual Income!  So there is no point if he works for FREE or 1 Rupee 🙂

Coming to the Point

We are happy to see ‘Narayana Murthy’ back to INFY!  N.R Naryana Murthy will play the Executive Chairman role for next 5 years.  This move could induce ‘Multibagger Properties’ to the blue chip again.

Please note that Infosys already returned 400 Times returns since inception.  Mr. Murthy back on rolls should bring 5-10 times returns for next 5-10 years.  A detailed report will be published soon..

Above all, Murthy’s mind only he knows, this is the white heat of Enthusiasm @ work, Passion of Murthy for Infosys, Passion for Excellence 🙂

Please see the recent dividend income of other promoters.


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