Going through Trigyn Technologies

I was analyzing on Trigyn Technologies based on a reader’s input.  At first look the company was promising. PE at just 5 & EPS growth at 100%.

But looking into the Profit & Loss, Cash Flow statements there are some mismatches.

Net Profit is higher than Operating Profit.


Cash Flow does not reflect the Net Profit for 2013.


Clearly such companies requires more analysis; mean time we can study 5 such companies, hence we are not working on Trigyn further.

2 Responses to “Going through Trigyn Technologies”

  1. Bhavin Mehta Says:

    Its really surprising Net profit is far higher that operating profit.
    How it is possible? Perhaps they got it as asset selling or stake sale in subsidiary companies ?

    Anyway I will exclude Trigyn from my list due to this mismatch.
    Thanks for pointing out.

  2. Editor Says:

    You are right Bhavin!

    They could have sold some machinery or land to make this happen. But again, it is not reflecting in cash flow too.

    It could be a multibagger – but If we chose this company, tomorrow e have to choose such 10 companies and book overall loss, considering all these we are staying away from it. 🙂

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