Our Portfolio

We found that certain people are interested in knowing our portfolio & gains.  We are open to share it.  You can find the same here.

120% above gain is there in past 1.2 year.  Clearly, this would compete with big mutual fund managers in India.

1. Geojit Portfolio Latest

We recently sold few stocks & bought new ones.  You can see that most of our recommendations are bought too.  Following are the lessons we iterate:

  • Smallcaps & Midcaps provides more returns than Largecaps or Bluechips.  See Infosys & Tech Mahindra only provided returns of 40% compared with 500% returns on smallcaps & midcaps
  • Diversification is essential to insure the total portfolio.  But, do not diversify too much like above.  We prefer 15-20 stocks in a normal portfolio.
  • Time will test your skills.  While in flat or bear periods, accumulate good stocks based on value-analysis.  This will ensure multifold returns in the bull run.

As a continuing strategy, we are waiting for the clear-signal to sell the stocks at their peak price.  Might be in an year or two we should get the signal.

We thank to our masters, friends, readers for the support & help to thrive in stock market.

9 thoughts on “Our Portfolio

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    1. Good Point Bhavin! Actually, we put only 10k on it so it is in our second-portfolio of high-risk high-return low-investment strategy. šŸ™‚ Orbit is showing 50% growth.

  1. what about accelya kale? can you show second portfolio list? why do you want to sell at peak ? It is contrary to your view to hold for long….Govind

    1. Accelya Kale was replaced last with Better performing stock based on quarterly results. (Our second portfolio is made of a different theme of highrisk-highreturn stocks Or value-investment less than 10k, so no value in publishing it)

  2. The performance does not only match MF performance, it beats most of them. Great performance!!!!
    It would have been better if investment Date was also included in the portfolio details.
    Any views on investing in Accelya Kale at current levels.

    1. Thank You Pranay for the good words. We take this as energy to be sincere & accurate in growing & sharing.

      Regarding Accelya, we sold it around Rs. 800 levels at 100% profits. Now it is around Rs. 700. We did that to fund 2 other potential stocks.
      The reason of selling was the latest quarter EPS growth was flat. But, we would check the next quarter result to probably buy again as the yearly EPS would still show growth.

      Please expect a re-multibagger post in 1 month for this stock.


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