SEBI Restrictions

As per SEBI’s new restriction on recommendations, I should not publish reports without certification.  Till getting certifications no new recommendations.  Sorry for the same.


12 thoughts on “SEBI Restrictions

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  1. SEBI restrictions are postponed till may 1, All other blogs are started recommending scripts, I am a big fan Of your blog, Brought Poddar developer and earned good profit, please continue your sevices

  2. Dear Futurecaps,

    We are missing you big time. Personally, i got lot to learn from your blog. I heard SEBI’s restriction comes in force after March 2015. If it is so, please continue the blog for time being till march. Please consider this as my humble request.

    Thanks and Regards
    Chaitanya k v

  3. I am eagerly monitoring and awaiting multibagger suggestions and inputs. Please let all know the tentative dates to have Analyst Certification and next advice updates.

  4. This is really sad, We miss those real good classy analysis… Can I get your twitter or linkedIn profile to connect please?

  5. hi i believe to keep this blog active until you get the analyst certification, you could share your experiences as articles that would help people like me to learn 🙂

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