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November 24, 2018

Monthly SIP is the Best Option!

by Futurecaps Advisor

If people ask me What to do with the Current Market Problems, I can say Only one-thing: Convert those Problems to Opportunity!

The current problem here referred is the New Monthly Lows happening to Smallcaps & Midcaps.

Even my portfolio is showing 10% loss!

One cannot avoid such problems.  But in reality We should be seeing the Fundamentals instead of the Market Price.

If the Fundamentals are Falling.. that is a Real Problem!

If the Stock Prices are Falling.. that is an Opportunity!

The Opportunity!

Imagine if you invested in a scrip of rs. 100 expecting it to be 500% returns in 5 years.

Now the price felled to rs. 50! But the fundamentals are intact & better!

What you should do?

In this case you should buy more as now the Returns Possibility is 1000%!!  It just doubled!!

(rs. 50 to 500)

So how you would know which is the Best Price?

The only option is SIP!

Systematic Monthly Investments on Growth Scrips ensures that You will Sweep all the Low Prices.

Ensure that you Divide your Yearly Corpus on stocks Equally too!

Spend Less Time in Market

It is a well know fact that those who spend more time in market will gain less!

So focus more on your Career, Make more Savings, SIP in Growth Scrips, Give few years, Allow the Tree to Grow, Reap from the Super Gains!!

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