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December 31, 2018


Futurecaps Performance

by Futurecaps Advisor

Futurecaps follows Warren Buffet style of Investing principles.  Here is the Past Performance of last 5 years.

Stock Peak Link
Bharat Rasayan 1200% Link
Waterbase  700% Link
Kovai Medical 600% Link
Dynemic Products 300% Link
Duke Offshore 120% Link
Patels Airtemp 50% Link

Prior to that we were running the website which provided the following recommendations & their peak performance.


Proof of Capital Gains

You can see Millions of Profit Proof for one of the recent years:

Break in Service

There was a break in service due to SEBI restrictions.  Right now in 2019 we are back with the required SEBI Certifications.


You can visit our Testimonials page here.


I know the problems of New Investors as they have to go through High Subscription prices like Rs. 10 Thousand, Rs. 25 Thousand, Rs. 50 Thousand etc. where they will get the Same Guidance on Smallcaps & Midcaps.  This is the reason I keep my Prices low so that more & more investors can participate.  

“Don’t sell a Product.. Start a Movement!”

You can visit our Subscription Page here.

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  1. siva
    Aug 27 2015

    Great sir,
    Waiting for your multibaggers

  2. Aravind
    Aug 27 2015

    This is music to the ears. Waiting like a hungry dog…… Frankly my dear, we dont give a damn, if you have a licence or not, we have already given you out vote of trust.

  3. Dost
    Jul 8 2016

    Bhailog, it’s mid of 2016 and we still haven’t heard from u…is the certification still pending ?
    Pls comeback soon…

    • Aug 5 2018

      Yes, Cert Achieved. Waiting for next step.


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