Congratulations All!

Good News! As of today our recent Paid & Free Multibaggers have gained 100% above returns. Manappuram Finance 100% IOL Chemicals 100% SRG Housing Finance 100% This made our overall profit above 50% Green Levels Bad News! We are going to Increase the Price of our Subscription as You already Got Mulitfold Profits through ourContinue reading “Congratulations All!”

Another BitCoin Scam!

July 15 was a Horrible Day for Twitter! The Celebrity Accounts with 1 Million above Followers were Hacked & a Tweet appeared asking to Donate Bitcoin from the Followers while Offering double in return. The Top Accounts hacked were Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Elon Musk etc. The Interesting thing was the Hackers were using BitcoinContinue reading “Another BitCoin Scam!”

Sanwaria Consumer Multibagger Stock Analysis (Value Investing Way)

Sanwaria Consumer Ltd. was a Darling Stock of Many during the 2016-2018 period. It gave Multibagger Returns & Later cooped to deep crashes! Since our Paid Subscriber (Mr. Srinivasa) is inquiring on this stock we are providing a Quick Analysis on same. We are saying ahead that this company is NOT A MULTIBAGGER on ValueContinue reading “Sanwaria Consumer Multibagger Stock Analysis (Value Investing Way)”

How NRIs are Cheated with Fake Offers!

NRIs are Famous for their High Income but also Notorious for Wasting Money through: Buying High Priced Houses back in India just to Lock them for 10 years 🙂 Investing in Over-priced assets 🙂 Buying stocks on high & Selling them on low 🙂 They are often the Guinea Money Pig for Bankers, Brokers, RelativesContinue reading “How NRIs are Cheated with Fake Offers!”

7 Future Sectors

Congratulations to our Premium Subscribers for Gaining 100% Returns in Manappuram & IOL Chemicals & SRG Housing Finance in just 3 months! That is the Power of Value Investing!! In the past 10 years you can see we have created 10000% Multibaggers. In our quest to create more multibaggers we are trying to see theContinue reading “7 Future Sectors”

IRCTC Multibagger Stock 2020

In this post we can analyze IRCTC Multibagger Stock potential using Warren Buffett method of Multibagger Analysis. Corona Situation The current corona situation has caused recession & thereby severely affected the Tourism & Hospitality sectors. People have halted unwanted travels & leisure. Tourism & Hospitality Sector Corona has impacted the Tourism sector badly. Due toContinue reading “IRCTC Multibagger Stock 2020”

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