Will Sun Pharma Multibagger surprise everyone ?

This is NOT a Multibagger post but Evaluation purpose only! Sun Pharma Multibagger analysis in this post targets to understand the impact of COVID-19 & growth potential it brings for the healthcare industry in general & Sun Pharmaceuticals in particular. The below Sun Pharma multibagger analysis is based on legendary Warren Buffet’s strategy of choosingContinue reading “Will Sun Pharma Multibagger surprise everyone ?”

Radakishan Damani picks up Cochin Shipyard!

Dear Investors, I wanted to share the Good News that Radakishan Damani (Ace Investor, India) picks up Cochin Shipyard shares. NEWS LINK https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/stocks/news/radhakishan-damani-picks-up-0-5-stake-in-cochin-shipyard/articleshow/78814113.cms?from=mdr It is a Futurecaps Multibagger Jul 2020! We were the first in India to Announce Cochin Shipyard as a Multibagger due to the Best Match against Warren Buffett checklist. Posting here theContinue reading “Radakishan Damani picks up Cochin Shipyard!”

OIOP (One India One Pension) is Possible?

To my notice there is an Increasing Support for the Idea One India One Pension by Social Activists, News Channel & Of-course by General Public. To my interest I talked with the Core Leaders of One Indian One Pension & I was Surprised to Hear their Plan! The Plan The Plan is to provide Rs.Continue reading “OIOP (One India One Pension) is Possible?”

How Caplin Point Laboratories Multibagger gained 200%?

Caplin Point Laboratories multibagger was recommended in November 2019 by Futurecaps after a strenuous research, however majority of times we end up surprising ourselves. Multibaggers are stocks that give returns that are several times their current market price (CMP). These are essentially stocks which have strong fundamentals but are undervalued by the market thus presentingContinue reading “How Caplin Point Laboratories Multibagger gained 200%?”

Mukesh Ambani – THE BIGGEST Value Unlocker of India & Opportunities Associated!

Shortly after our Agriculture Multibagger Release there were few Skeptics saying Farmers Act 2020 will Kill the Farmers & Only Benefit Mukesh Ambani’s Jio Mart.. Mukesh Ambani is Monopolist etc.! This post is to answer those queries. Mukesh Ambani is Monopolist but Value-Oriented! If you look back to India before Jio you can Notice theContinue reading “Mukesh Ambani – THE BIGGEST Value Unlocker of India & Opportunities Associated!”