Market & Stock Updates (Feb 2023)

Following actions are advised in below multibagger stocks. Nahar Poly Films The latest QR result displayed 90% reduction in Net Profits which is the primary reason the stock price is down. Tha promoters are increasing the holdings & long term 5 year view looks good on the stock for growth & recovery in price. InvestorContinue reading “Market & Stock Updates (Feb 2023)”

2023 High Risk of Recession!

As people are looking forward to New Year 2023, the future does not seems very bright! Following are the looming issues which can affect the global financial system & stocks there after: Additionally, global leaders also warning of recession: Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Elon Musk (Tesla) LONG-TERM INVESTOR Long-term investor should not worry, but should beContinue reading “2023 High Risk of Recession!”

Market & Stock Updates

Market Updates As of today market restored the old peaks & positioned to go higher. The current investment to idle capital mix is 70:30 allocation. The 30% cash allocation allows to gain from any bear market opportunities. Cochin Shipyard The stock run up giving 100% returns on the recommended price levels. The key factor isContinue reading “Market & Stock Updates”

Market Outlook Sep 14, 2022

US Stock market crashed 5% decisively yesterday over on Fed Rate & Inflation concerns. Chances are high that Indian Market to follow the same as NIFTY is in multi-year peaks. What we should be doing? CLEAR OVER-VALUED STOCKS you can sell those over-valued High PE/No Intrinsic Value scrips. IV Calculator KEEP ASIDE CASH it isContinue reading “Market Outlook Sep 14, 2022”

Why a 50% Profit-making Trader is Still at Loss?

I was going through a Top Trader in India who was boasting 50% Profits. It is really impressive gain that Most Traders will not be able to Achieve 50% Profits. BUT Still he is at Loss! Rationale Most Traders do not realize that Trading is an Active Income – It is comparable to your JobContinue reading “Why a 50% Profit-making Trader is Still at Loss?”

Russia-Ukraine, World War 3 & Market Strategies

We are getting multiple queries like below: How Russia-Ukraine Issue will affect Indian stock market? Is this a start for World War 3? Our Replies Russia-Ukraine Issue if worsens will affect the Crude Prices & Crude-sensitive stocks. Russia converting Reserves from US-Dollar to Gold will affect the Foreign Currency prices. World War 3 Formation weContinue reading “Russia-Ukraine, World War 3 & Market Strategies”

Olectra Greentech gained 600% – What next?

As we are getting multiple queries on Olectra Greentech, thought of giving updates on same. History Olectra Greentech was our Hidden Gem in Feb 2021 – It gained almost 600% till now! It was picked on the theme of EV Boom in India. During the time nobody was talking about EV and nowadays all are.Continue reading “Olectra Greentech gained 600% – What next?”