Compare Indian Salary with Gulf, Singapore, US, Canada & Realize you loose Lakhs or Rs. every month!

Corruption affects everybody & Depletes the Income we earn, Increase the Expenses & Make the Citizen life harder. In developed countries I have seen Corruption is NOT there in the lower-levels & the Living Standards are higher.

Let us compare the Monthly Salary of few Professionals in India compared with Dubai, Singapore & US equivalents in Rs.

NurseRs. 15000Rs. 75000Rs. 100000Rs. 300000
ClerkRs. 20000Rs. 80000Rs. 120000Rs. 250000
Taxi DriverRs. 25000Rs. 100000Rs. 150000Rs. 300000
AccountantRs. 30000Rs. 150000Rs. 200000Rs. 500000
TeacherRs. 30000Rs. 150000Rs. 200000Rs. 500000
Software DeveloperRs. 50000Rs. 200000Rs. 250000Rs. 700000
DoctorRs. 200000Rs. 500000Rs. 600000Rs. 1200000
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Yes, the Expenses are also high in the Developed Countries – but the Savings % is Higher there too! In India if the savings is 10-20%, then in developed countries would be 30-40%. This is because THE GOOD GOVERNANCE CHOSEN BY PEOPLE ensures minimum wages, controlled prices, no corporate monopoly etc.

So the citizens in developed countries earn higher salaries, save more, enjoy good roads, infrastructure, most of them have cars & live a credible life. This is the POWER OF GOOD GOVERNANCE!

During Corona Peak Times, the countries like US & Canada gave monthly Free Income to their Citizens so that they can Sail through easily. GOOD GOVERNANCE IS IMPORTANT!


I can give an Overview of Economics to make you Digest the Possibilities:



  • In a corruption-free environment there will be Dutiful Government Officials, Standardized Prices of Commodities. So this will enable the Price of Food Items, Rent are moderated. Then there will Minimum Wages enabled to ensure a Working Person can Afford to have Food & Rent at reasonable costs.
  • There will be Unemployment Income to prevent THEFT CRIMES due to Unemployment. As you know Crime will disrupt the business environment & Investors will move away from such places hurting the Tax Income. So a GOOD GOVERNANCE ensure there is crime-free trades as much as possible.
  • Plus, the Government provides FREE Job Training & Placement Assistance to the Unemployed. This will ensure there is Minimal Unemployment Expenses. Once the guy is back on Job he will spend money on buying things which will re-run the Tax Income.
  • Now the next stage is FREE EDUCATION which will enable Poor Kids to gain Basic Language & Mathematical skills. There will be Government run libraries which gives access to Free books & Computer Times so that the citizens can grow to be more productive & gain more salary while paying higher taxes. GOOD GOVERNANCE spend money on education & skill upgrades.
  • The education & skills upgrade enables the Jobless to learn new skills aligning with their passion & skill demand in society. In future these idle citizens will be a tax payer. [So government gets back more money than it spend]
  • Since all these efforts provide a Crime-Free, Business-Friendly environment attracting more & more businesses (even from outside countries). In this stage there will be Shortage of Skillful people leading to Rise in Salary creating better living conditions. All the developed countries are having High Job Salaries due to their GOOD GOVERNANCE.
  • Now there appears the Next Essential Substance called PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION which will enable students to acquire High Paid Professions like Engineering, Doctor etc. where High Margin of Savings are possible. But these professional educations also will be costly & not all middle-class can afford it.
  • Don’t worry! there comes the Savior named Banks as they wanted Credible Environment to do business. Banks are really Saviors if you Judiciously take loan! For example a Rs. 1 Lakh spent on a B.Tech or MBA can yield Rs. 10 Lakh in first year of job itself = 10X Returns! Banks only charge 1-4% Interest in Developed Countries as there is No Inflation damage due to Corruption-free.
  • As you have guessed, the Derived Menaces like Reservation, Dowry, Ancestral Wealth Accumulation will start to disappear as the Core Corruption is Fixed:
    • All Needy People are given education & skill upgrade opportunities to Scale Up in life – so Reservations seldom needed
    • The main reason of Dowry is Low/No Money-Earning-Potential of Women & thus Compensating it with Wealth – In the GOOD GOVERNANCE Country there will be Equal Opportunities for Women to Acquire Skill, Work & Earn Money thus the Dowry will start disappearing – Look into the Developed Countries!
    • Ancestral Wealth Accumulation not required as Children can depend on Good Governance to Sail Up in life – Riches like Bill Gates are donating more to the Charity instead to their Kids.
  • Overall a Citizen in Developed Country will have the Opportunity to Learn, Grow & Succeed in life. They also ensure they are Responsible Citizens to ensure a GOOD GOVERNANCE! Positive Cycles!!

So by providing a CORRUPTION-FREE environment the government is able to serve the citizens well & keep the tax income high.

How to have a GOOD GOVERNMENT?

Government is a REFLECTION of us the citizens. We need to choose a GOOD GOVERNANCE!

If you bought a service paying Rs. 1000, you will monitor & ensure the delivery. Right?

Then why you are NOT Monitoring the Government Body even after paying 10-30% Taxes including Sales Tax, Income Tax etc. for their service?

In essence We have to spend time on researching right election candidates, blacklist the non-performers, make the voters aware of credible ones & form a good governance. All these effort will payback multifold & keep the country reputation up!


So if anybody says, Politics is NOT for you, Think Again – BAD GOVERNANCE already taking Lakhs of Rupees from you every month! See the corrupted government officials, gutter roads, low margin savings, strike & threats of goons, irresponsible police, fake politicians – all these are the result of BAD GOVERNANCE which was a result of WE THE PEOPLE IGNORING POLITICS!



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