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Hello Investor!

Every year you are Loosing Millions due to Overvalued House, Under performing Fixed Deposits, Stocks etc. But you are not noticing it!

If you are been with us for a while, then you would have understood our Authenticity & Style of Investing while keeping the Prices at Affordable levels!

We have created rocking multibaggers of 500-5000% returns in the past – we can repeat it again in next decade too. But let us tell you something – having just few multibagger is not enough!

You should be having Financial Freedom in your life. This is the next level you need to reach!

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What is Financial Freedom?

Financial Freedom allows you to get the Best out of Life where you don’t worry about the monthly expenses – they are taken care by automatic monthly incomes. You are no longer under control of your boss or company – instead you can chase your passion whether it is music, painting, travelling Or running your passionate business.

Money Slaves we are! Money controls all aspects of our life – You go to work for current money needs, Kid going to school for future money needs. To get out of this slavery you need to have Financial Freedom!

Financial Freedom is where Money buys back your Time!

Financial Freedom is where your Real LIfe begins!!


How much Income I will get?

You will be getting the Income you are Investing per month.

For example, if you Invest Rs. 1 Lakh per month then you will be getting Rs. 1 Lakh per month after the 5 year period.

If you Invest Rs. 2 Lakh per month then you will get Rs. 2 Lakh per month too.

If you do not have monthly this much Income, but Idle capitals like 1CR in real-estate – you too can evaluate & join.


How is that Possible?

As you can see our Expected Returns on Stock Market is 300-500% for a 5 Year Period. So by Investing Rs. 1 Lakh per month you will be Investing a Total of Rs. 60 Lakhs in 5 Years – while the Returns will be 2-3 Crores!

We have unique methods of generating 10-20% Income on the Corpus which we will explain in our FF Plan. So you will be getting Rs. 1 Lakh plus monthly income after the period of 5 years.

1 Lakh > Zoom 500% > Income 10% > 1 Lakh

This Plan is apt for High Earning HNIs/NRIs who can Invest Rs. 1 Lakh per month or Investor with Idle Capital of Rs. 1 Crore.


What is Inside?

You will be getting following services:

  • Your Portfolio Review for Financial Optimization
  • Recommendation of Wealth Builder Stocks for Long Term Holding
  • Monthly 1 hour Call on Review & Action Items
  • Master Mind Whatsapp Group Membership for Lifetime
  • Quarterly & Yearly Progress Auditing
  • Career & Real Estate Tips to Increase Savings
  • Making your Net Worth Grow 20-50% Annually
  • All Trainings & Books FREE to make you a Super Investor like our Core Advisor!

This is like you are Trained under a Financial Instructor to Optimize your Financial Muscles, Burn unwanted Fats or Non-performing assets & Making you reach your Financial Freedom Goal in 5 Years!

We had customers with Multiple Crores Idle in Real Estate & Non-Performing Stocks – With our Guidance they were converted to Working Assets. Imagine the Savings!!


What is the Cost?

The cost is higher at Rs. 25000 per year as we are targeting HNIs.

The fees is kept low & only fraction of an iPhone price. You will be getting 100X value out of the FF Plan so it is worth spending.

Imagine a 1 Crore Capital yielding Rs. 10 Lakh upgraded to Rs. 50 Lakhs! It is Rs. 40 Lakh additional money compounded yearly – So the Fees is just a Fraction of it.

We know lot of Investors are wasting time & money on Trading & Low-Performing Stocks & Real Estate. We are helping them to remove the Unwanted Fats from the System & Build Wealth Builder Muscle Stocks!!

Our Expertise > You Pay X > You Gain 10X

Amateurs see the Fees and Run away, Professionals see the Returns!

But WAIT! Not all are eligible for the Financial freedom track. We need to have a discussion with you to understand your priorities, skill levels & ensure you are Eligible to purchase the plan.

We are doing this Eligibility Test to ensure we only Train the right people to make our Success as 100%.

WARNING We are Not forcing anybody to Join this! Only people who realized our Value Service & Earned Millions in the past years are Welcome to Join. Once you realize you are Ready for the Next Level Financial Freedom & Passed the Eligibility Test then you will be in our Multi-Crore Club with our Full Life-time Guidance. We will be making your Idle Money work for you & thereby achieving Financial Freedom!

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