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What to do with Yes Bank Stock?

Yes Bank Stock once been a Multibagger declared by Futurecaps too is Undergoing a Difficult situation.   The stock has crashed almost 80% now, have 50% reduction in EPS compared with past years, has troubled assets.
However the company is still in Profit for the past years with Increase in Sales & Managing to keep 5% Net Profit margins.  The stock is quoting around the Book Value too.
But If you are expecting a Turnaround & Wanted to invest now, I don't see the Timing is Right due to the Following reasons:

  • The latest QR has displayed Loss of  1500 crores.
  • Promoters has not shown Increase in Holdings
  • Cloud of NPA not yet over

In this way, the best strategy would be to Wait for 2 Quarters to see Positive Results & Then invest on.

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