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Free Multibaggers 2019

In this page I would like to List all the 2019 Multibaggers (both Free & Paid) according to their released date.  This is according to Indian Stock Market both NSE & BSE.

Free Multibaggers 2019

Multibagger Name Release Date URL
Jiya Eco May 2019 URL
Atul Auto Apr 2019 URL
Meghmani Organics Apr 2019 URL
Wonderla Holidays Mar 2019 URL

Word of Wisdom!

As of now the smallcap & midcap segments are bottomed out.  A long term investor should definitely pickup growth companies to generate 500-1000% portfolio returns within 5 years.

Those who Invested during Bear Market were Never in Loss!

Paid Multibaggers 2019

Futurecaps also releaed Paid Multibaggers to the Paid Clients.  These are companies with more depth research, our advisers been invested & will have tracking & updates.

For more serious investors we recommend Subscribing this package.

Multibagger Description Release Date
A chemical manufacturing company undergoing solid expansion along with solar power integration. May 2019
An alloy manufacturing company undergoing solid expansion with cheap valuations of PE 5. May 2019
An multi-faceted edible oil company trading at PE 5 with 100% EPS growth. May 2019
A pharmaceutical company with high growth spree with new drugs & patents. May 2019
A finance company undergoing tremendous 30% growth realization. Celebrity invested. May 2019

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