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Futurecaps is a SEBI Registered Analyst serving 1000+ customers for past 12 years. We are set of Advisors & Investors inspired from Warren Buffet style of Investing and use Value Investing, Growth Investing strategies along with Intrinsic Value calculations.

We provide Free & Paid multibagger services. Each Paid Multibagger published will under go 100+ Checklist to ensure the Future Growth, Management Integrity, Sector Potential, Fraud Prevention etc. 

We are passionate about creating multibaggers for 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and so on.


  • 2020 we recommended 3 Paid Multibaggers for Target 500% 5 Years
    • 1 of them returned 70% in 2 months
    • 1 of them returned 100% in 6 months
    • 2 of them in moderate 30% returns
    • All are in green zone
  • 2019 we recommended 5 Paid Multibaggers
    • 1 of them gave 100% returns
    • 3 of them gave 50% returns
    • 1 of them in loss – but we are re-buying the same
  • 2018 we asked to exit 90% of the holdings as market was overvalued – This saved Millions for Investors
  • 2012-17 Performance is given below.
    • Keep in mind you should hold at least 5 years for Compounding Returns like 500% per stock
    • If you can put 10-20 Lakhs per year, then in 5 Years you will get 500% returns around 1 Crore which you can use our Financial Freedom strategy to generate 20% Monthly Income making 2 Lakh Income per month