Hidden Gems

Our Previous HIDDEN GEMS Multibagger gained 500% in just 2 years!!

NEW Hidden Gem Undervalued Edible Oil company released – good to buy now!

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This Niche Service is for Advanced Investors who already Made Profits through Futurecaps Multibaggers & Wanted to go to Next Level using the Profits.

  • Microcap Multibaggers
  • 12 per year | 1 per month
  • Up to 100X Returns possible
  • 5-10 years holding period
  • Rationale Report with Buy/Sell Strategy
  • Advisor will be Investing in All
  • Tracking & Updates Strategy

DISCOUNT you are getting this service at 1 by 10th cost compared with other advisors who charge Rs. 25000 to 5 Lakh per year

Existing Multibagger Plan Subscribers will have additional 20% Discount! [Contact email/whatsapp]

Gujarat Themis BiosynPharmaceutical Growth Pick 2019 Mar500% Up
Jiya Eco-ProductsBiofuel Growth Pick2019 Aug-70%
KilpestAgriculture + Pharma Growth Pick with Super Growth Subsidiary cashing on COVID problems.2020 Jan600% Up
IOL ChemicalsSpecialty Chemicals Growth Pick. Expansion Plan on Card.2020 Mar200% Up
New MultibaggerFootwear spaces growth pick temporary trouble due to COVID. Trading near Book Value. This company is a Steady Growth Maker available at Discount due to Temporary Covid issues. Promoter Buying Back the stock due to lower levels which is an Opportunity for Long-term Value seeker.2020 Oct20% Up 1 Month
New MultibaggerManufacturing Company serving Indian Government & Foreign Clients with 20+ Experience Years. Pure Warren Buffet like Value Investing Pick with highlights below.
– 100% CAGR 3 Years
– 80% Intrinsic Value Discount
– Zero Debt with Capacity Expansion
– Promoter Holding > 50% | No Pledging
Advisor Invested!
2020 Dec50% JUMP in 2 Months
New MultibaggerReal Estate company Trading at PE Ratio 1 & Intrinsic Value Discount 90%. Clearly a 1000% Opportunity upside is pending. Market & Media is picking up this stock for a 50X multibagger returns in the long run.2021
30% Up
Still good to Buy
New MultibaggerAn electric vehicle multibagger positioned to gain 100X in 10 Years. No – it is not Tata Motors, Tata Chemicals Or Himadri which are know to people.2021
30% Up from Release Price. Still good to Buy
New MultibaggerSpecialty Chemicals Sector is expected to grow CAGR 10% till 2025 and we have Niched a Microcap Company with Solid Balance Sheet & Expansion Plans.2021 MarGained 50% Still good to Buy
New Multibagger Pharmaceutical Multibagger with Low Debt, Moderate Growth & Potential to become tomorrow Dr. Reddy Laboratories 2021 AprGained 20% Still good to Buy
Ksolves IT Company multibagger with heavy growth, high dividends & strong youthful management. Past Report2021 MayGained 200% in 2 weeks!
New MultibaggerStock Market Trading company2021 JuneGained 30% till now
Lancer ContainerContainer Trading company2021 AugustGained 200% in 2 months
New MultibaggerChemicals Company under Expansion2021 SepGained 30% in 1 month
All reports with portfolio strategies shared with HG Subscribers | Advisor Team investing in hidden gems | 1 could become 50X bagger

Hidden Gems Selection Strategy

Hidden Gems are Pre-Published Stocks in our Research Arena which become Published Multibagger. But most of these Hidden Gems are Not published due to some limiting factor associated with it. As time passed, we noticed that these Unpublished Hidden Gems gave More Returns than the other Multibaggers.

So Futurecaps wanted to provide our Research Analyst full-freedom to publish these reports as well so that the Advanced Investors can make more profits.

The Hidden Gems Multibaggers are selected based on the Growth, Value, Debt, Integrity criteria of Futurecaps.

Hidden Gems Portfolio Strategy

Hidden Gems are Multibaggers having High Risk High Returns property. It can give 0-50X returns in a 5-10 year period due to Growth, Mutual Fund Investing & PE Resizing of Blue-chips. They also carry High Risk of Price Crashes too & Hence should Only be handled by Advanced Investors who have Consistent Profit Making & Portfolio Management Experience in stock market.

The Hidden Gem Portfolio should be secondary & managed with at least 5 Hidden Gems per year. In the long run if one of the Hidden Gem went 50 times, 2 of them give flat returns & other 2 closed down at 0 returns, still your portfolio returns will be 1000%!


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