Hidden Gems

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This Niche Service is for Advanced Investors who already Made Profits through Futurecaps Multibaggers & Wanted to go to Next Level using the Profits.

  • Smallcaps & Midcaps Only
  • 10-12 Hidden Gems per year
  • Up to 50X Returns possible
  • 5-10 years holding period
  • 5+ Page Report with Buy/Sell Strategy
  • Advisor will be Investing in Few
  • Tracking & Updates Strategy with each

DISCOUNT you are getting this service at 1 by 10th cost compared with other advisors.

After payment Please provide 8 hours for processing your request.

Gujarat Themis BiosynPharmaceutical Growth Pick 2019 Mar500%
Jiya Eco-ProductsBiofuel Growth Pick2019 Aug-70%
KilpestPharma Growth Pick. 2020 Jan300%
IOL ChemicalsSpecialty Chemicals Growth Pick2020 Mar200%
New MultibaggerFootwear spaces growth pick. Trading near Book Value.2020 Aug15%
New MultibaggerManufacturer to Industrial & Government Sector. 30% Growth. 80% Intrinsic Value Discount.2020 Nov0%
All reports shared with Hidden Gem Subscribers | Understand the Rationale & Strategies in Report before purchasing any HG Multibaggers

Hidden Gems Selection Strategy

Hidden Gems are Pre-Published Stocks in our Research Arena which become Published Multibagger. But most of these Hidden Gems are Not published due to some limiting factor associated with it. As time passed, we noticed that these Unpublished Hidden Gems gave More Returns than the other Multibaggers.

So Futurecaps wanted to provide our Research Analyst full-freedom to publish these reports as well so that the Advanced Investors can make more profits.

The Hidden Gems Multibaggers are selected based on the Growth, Value, Debt, Integrity criteria of Futurecaps.

Hidden Gems Portfolio Strategy

Hidden Gems are Multibaggers having High Risk High Returns property. It can give 0-50X returns in a 5-10 year period due to Growth, Mutual Fund Investing & PE Resizing of Blue-chips. They also carry High Risk of Price Crashes too & Hence should Only be handled by Advanced Investors who have Consistent Profit Making & Portfolio Management Experience in stock market.

The Hidden Gem Portfolio should be secondary & managed with at least 5 Hidden Gems per year. In the long run if one of the Hidden Gem went 50 times, 2 of them give flat returns & other 2 closed down at 0 returns, still your portfolio returns will be 1000%!


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