How Influencers make Lakhs Income?

Futurecaps is a SEBI Registered, 10+ Year Credible Stock Market Advisory with Affordable, Niche Research.

We are looking for Social Media Influencers to Market our Products in return of 25% Commissions.


Who is an Influencer?

An Influencer is a Person with Social Media Presence & Audience support.

Example: Facebook Groups, Whatsapp Groups, Twitter Followers, Instagram etc.

What an Influencer can do?

An Influencer can Share Futurecaps Links to their Audience. Once the signed-up follower do Paid Purchases you will get Commission for same. You will be earning money while you sleep also.

Sample Screenshot

So convert your passive assets to active income!

How much an Influencer earn?

As an Influencer you will get paid 25% Commission on the first client. Thereafter you get 10% Commission on repeated business up to 5 years.

Example: if a client purchased Rs. 10000 package you will get Rs. 2500 and after 1 year the client purchased another Rs. 25000 package you will get Rs. 2500 too.

The Test

To qualify as an Influencer you need to complete the following test.

  • Share the Link to your Group with a unique code for the Ref Keyword
  • Make the Post as Announcement for 2 Days
  • Email both the Ref Link & Group Link to with Subject “Influencer Test” SEND NOW
  • We will Evaluate the Traffic & Let you know if you Qualify after 2 Days Observation

If you Qualify you will be Approved to Continue Link Sharing & All Affiliates will get Month End Notifications on Sales Generated. Plus 25% Commission on Each Signup as described above.

This is 100% Transparent | No Cheating as we get more business from you | You have Nothing to loose to Try it out!

People can Earning Passive Income of 10K & More from their Groups.