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This is a Unique Service by Futurecaps, provided to the HNI Customers.  However, we are providing a Free Summary here for the Free Readers too.  As of today in July 2019, we can see Most of the Investors have Lost Confidence in Investing as they booked with 50% or more Losses!!

If you ask me, I would say the reason is Amateur Investing!  As an Investor one should be having the Knowledge, Professionalism & Discipline of a Fund Manager.  Then only one can achieve long-term profits in stock market.

One such discipline is to Stay Away from over-valued markets Or seller markets.   During 2018 when we first declared Smallcaps were Over-valued, Certain Investors shouted against us – now as we know – they regret!

We have seen only 1 or 2 advisers in India who give Real Market Signals.  All others are Busy with Selling Advices when the Market is Ripe!  Poor Investors are Prey for them!  We at Futurecaps do not want to make such money, we do real investing & provide real advices core to our values.

Following are our our views on current Indian Stock Market.

Largecap Sector

India Largecap Sector is Sellers Market now.  One should Sell over-valued stocks here.

Midcap Sector

India Midcap Sector is Neutral Market now.  One should Hold on the stocks.

Smallcap Sector

India Smallcap Sector is Buyers Market now.  One should Buy more stocks now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wait for Market to be Stabilized?

I think this question is more of a day trader.  In the world of Investor, more the low, more the merrier, buying low will provide more returns.  So the best strategy is to Buy in Monthly SIPs.

Start with 50% on a new multibagger & Accumulate 10% on next 5 months.  Thus you will get the best prices on it.

What is the Minimum Years for Long Term Investing?

One should keep a Vision of 5-years of more for Long Term Investing.  As I repeat, it takes multiple years for the company to perform, grow to give you compounded returns.  So if you are sure that a Multibagger is good, you should be treating it as Opportunity to buy more when the prices fall!

What is your Goal for Investing in Stock Market?

If you wanted the waves to settle & then start investing, you should not be in Stock Market.  This Stock Market is the world of Fluctuations in the short-term & provides Value in the long-term.

Find out the reason Why you are in Stock Market!  If you ask me, I can show multiple Long Term Investors who bought their House Free through Stock Market.  It is possible through 5 years of Investing.

Put a corpus of 10 Lakh now – After 5 years on 500% returns – You will get 50Lakhs or more – giving you a House or Apartment Free of Cost!!

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