Pro-Investor Master Mind Training!

The Best Stock Market Value Investor Training in India!

Taught by Stock Market Advisor with 1000% Multibagger Creation Experience

3-Month Course | Weekly 1 Training Module | 3-Exams

99% Day Traders are Failure | 95% Investors are Failure | You can Ask Yourself – Why you cannot achieve 1000% Profits in Stock Market? If you ask me the Reason, I would day LACK OF EDUCATION. Failures are Pointing that You need Education under a Successful Teacher.

Stock Market is NOT taught in colleges. Even the college teachers will come & fail in stock market. SO without proper learning you are taking control of the Jet in a War World causing catastrophic failures.

Do you know with the right education & 5 years of execution you can be Financially Free with monthly 2 Lakh income? These strategies are taught in our education.

PLUS real estate strategies & 1 Year Multibagger Subscription which are 2020 Additional Values


Do you know that ONLY 5% Investors actually make money in Stock Market?

Do you know that 1 Crore invested can give 100 CRORE in 20 Years?

Do you know that the Short-Term Investors are Loosing Money to Just Make Long-Term Investors Rich?

If not, you should spend time & money on Learning!

This is a Course for Creating your Millionaire Life!

You Spend Lakhs for a Professional Course – Why NOT Spend Just Rs. 10000 for a Course which gives 100X Returns than your Professional Course?


12+ Years Experience

We are the Pioneer of Value Investing in India. You can check our website to see the Past Multibaggers we have created. You will be Trained under Real Investor (NOT just teachers)

SEBI Registered Analyst

We are SEBI Registered Analyst and you will be Trained under the same same RA. We are not like other Trainers who does not Fight in the Battlefield.

Live Training

In the 3-month course you will be getting Online Training Videos every week plus 2 additional Live Training sessions to clarify your questions.


What People Say

I was a day-trader spending 20 hours in stock market. This course made me understand how I was been used by the brokers, government & tips providers. Now i saved the 20 hours back & focused on value investing long term. The course is easy to follow with 2 hour learning per week. The exams are tough but really needed to get to become real investor

Harish | Software Engineer | Bangalore

I know Futurecaps since 2014 which helped me gain profits on multibaggers like cera, wim plast etc. The course is more likely their multibagger checklist & helped me gain the behavior pattern of a value investor. I completed the course and now focused on attaining the black belt.

Aman | Business Owner | Mumbai


yellow belt

YELLOW BELT (4 Classes, 1 Month)

At the Yellow Belt level you will learn the following:

  • Introduction to Stock Market, Do’s and Don’ts
  • Annual Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss
  • Ratios
  • Exam-1

Once you pass the Exam-1 you are Qualified for Yellow Belt!

green belt 1

GREEN BELT (4 Classes, 1 Month)

At the Green Belt level you will learn the following:

  • Warren Buffet Strategies
  • Intrinsic Value Calculation
  • Multibagger Checklist
  • Professional Tools
  • Identify your own Multibagger
  • Exam-2

Once you pass the Exam-2 you are Qualified for Green Belt!

brown belt 1

BROWN BELT (4 Classes, 1 Month)

At the Brown Belt level you will learn the following:

  • Portfoliio Management
  • Bear Market Handling
  • Rich Mindset – Think & Act like how Rich People do
  • Mind Power Training
  • Master Mind Group Membership
  • Exam-3

Once you pass the Exam-3 you are Qualified for Brown Belt!

MASTER MIND GROUP is a secret premium value investor group of Futurecaps Investors where you will be given free sessions & updates on bear market situations, political changes, financial freedom guidance etc.

By joining this MASTER MIND GROUP you will be getting Webinar Notifications on Opportunity situations like BEAR MARKETS – this will boost your confidence & inform on the right scrips to invest on. Last bear attack our Manappuram Finance yielded 100% returns. A 1 lakh invested could be 2 lakh now – Total Course Money is Back!

black belt 1

BLACK BELT (2 Years)

You will be given Black Belt after 2-Years on proving:

  • Your Investments created at least 3 Multibaggers
  • Maturity in Portfolio Management
  • Successful Bear Market Handling
  • High ROI Growth on Total Net Worth

At this Level you are Proven 100% Successful with Value Investing principles & portfolio management to Qualify Black Belt.

You & Your Generations are Now Positioned to be Masters of Money – No need to struggle with job & money issues.

There will be Separate Evaluation Fee for the Black Belt level after 2 Years.


All the Classes will be Online Mode so you can Attend from the Comfort of your Home.

You are required to Practice the Course Content every week spending 1-2 hours.

There will be Exams at the end of each month.

Plus, Live Online Meeting will be provided to Clarify your Questions – 2 Per Course!

Why you should be BUY the Course?

You spend Lakhs on Courses like MBA which will earn just Lakhs per year!

This Course will Generates 10-100 Crores in next 30 years!

So will you not spend just Rs. 9999 for it?




On Joining the Course you will get 1 year Full Access to Professional Financial Management Tool worth Rs. 3000

(this is the tool used by Celebrity Investors to manage their Personal Finance, Net Worth Growth etc.)


You will also get 2 Premium Multibaggers from the Core Package which is worth of Rs. 2000

One of the Multibaggers is from the IoT Future Sector mentioned in the video.

Still Not Convinced?

What if you cannot perform well in the course?

We offer you 80% Refund after 1 Month of Course, in case if you think it is not for you.

(you can still keep the multibaggers & premium tool access with you)

Queries: FuturecapsAdvisor@gmail.com