NRI loose 4 Lakhs per Month!

If you are NRI for 5 Years then you are loosing Rs. 4 Lakh per month!

Most of the NRIs have Rich Salary & Savings but Poor Relatives & Friends who will Destroy their Money in Low-earning returns like Real-Estate, Insurance Policies, Bad Stocks, Futures & Options etc.

During 2015 we met an NRI from UK who spend 1 Crore on a Villa in India + another 50 Lakhs on an apartment too. He is paying loan of Rs. 1 Lakh per month & cannot return to India since paying loan only possible with UK Job. His real estate did not yielded much returns & even after 5 year is at 10% Loss on Price & 30% Loss on Interest too.

This is the problem of having NO Financial Intelligence!

In fact he is loosing 2 Lakhs – but 4 lakhs! You will learn that below.

NRI Strategy for 5 Year Financial Freedom

If you are an NRI, you can go back to India after 5 Years with Rs. 2 Lakh earnings per month. The strategy summary is below.

  • Sell your Real Estate Assets on Peak – Make 1 Crore of Assets [It is okay to book losses as you are going to gain profits to cover it]
  • Park the Capital on 14% Yield Fixed Deposits [Secret available on Subscription] & Wait for Stock Market Bear Market
  • Push the Parked Capital to Stock Market incrementally in High Growth Under-valued Stocks
  • Wait for 5 years [No loss in stock market above 2 years – Sure Profit of 300-500% in 5 Years]
  • You will get around Rs. 3 Crore to 5 Crore Profits [See our Performance with Proof]
  • Sell 3 Crore & Park in 14% Yield Fixed Deposits = Rs. 2 Lakh monthly Income you will get
  • Now you are Financially Free with a remaining Rs. 1-2 Crore [have a benz/bmw with the price]

Now you will think whether it is possible or not, this is possible if you see our Performance above. Many of our NRI clients have implemented the strategy & got financial freedom.

As said, the total loss you are making per month is Rs. 2 Lakh of loan + Unseen loss of Rs. 2 lakh ncome = 4 Lakhs!

If you are in USA, Canada, Gulf or Any Country Abroad, YOU ARE LUCKY because you have Tremendous Amount of Savings & Idle Capital in India – You can use our strategy to become Rich & Financially Free in 5 years.

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Futurecaps will guide you in the Right Path of becoming a Real Millionaire who can Live Financially Free in just 5 years of time.


Standard Returns on various Asset Classes are given below

Rental Yield5-Year AppreciationTotal
ROI 5-Year
Real Estate (Flats)2%3%5%
Real Estate (Plots)0%8%8%
Real Estate (House, Villa)1%5%6%
Mutual Funds0%20%20%
Stocks (Largecaps)0%30%30%
Stocks (Midcaps) WE PLAY HERE0%30-50%30-50%
Power of Compounding takes place in Long-term


This is post is applicable to NRIs & Other High Earners within India also. The key point is efficient financial management, learning the right way of stock market investment.

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