OIOP for Kerala Feasible or Not?

Total Revenue of Kerala per 2020-21 is Rs. 1 lakh 14 thousand crores LINK

Total Population of Kerala is 3.4 Crores

Approx 50 Lakh Senior Citizens + Growing LINK

Count = 50,00,000

Per Month Rs. 10 Thousand OIOP Expense = 50,00,000 * Rs. 10,000 = 5000,00,00,000 = Rs. 5000 Crore per month

Per year = Rs. 5000 Crore x 12 = Rs. 60000 Crore!

Monthly Expense = Rs. 60,000 Crore

This will be 50% of the Budget!!

Approx 90% of this money will be going to New Pensioners.

Any wrong calculations please comment.


#1 How do we Find the Rs. 60,000 Crore Extra Expense ?

How do we Manage the Yearly Increase in Old People?

How do we Manage the Inflation caused by Extra money pumped?

Will there be Death Registration skipping by children to gain the parental benefits?

How do we make sure the money only goes to right hand?

What is the Timeline of Implementation – 1 Year, 2 Year?

What is the Sustainability on Growing Old Age People above 60?

Questions for Original OIOP Party

The Original OIOP guys say they will Cut the Extra Pensions earned & distribute to others. Let us take a High Pension Earner example of an IAS Guy taking rs. 50000 monthly. How you guys are Rightful to cut the Rs. 40000 and give to other people while the Extra Money they are Earning is due to their 2013 Onward PF Contribution? Will they happily allow this?

How do we prevent other state people immigrating to Kerala to claim OIOP? [Delhi witnessed lot of Immigrants from neighboring states on free-electricity, free-water & other facilities which is around Rs. 2000 benefits – so giving Rs. 10000 per month will definitely bring lot of immigrants to kerala]

I agree that 70% of current revenue goes on 3 components – salary, pension, interest link. The other 30% goes to Essentials, Infrastructure, KSRTC, Healthcare etc without Room for free money. So How you guys Claim OIOP Can be Implemented without Extra Income? [if it is easy then current communist/congress/bjp could have implemented it]