Past Performance of Futurecaps

futurecaps multibagger returns

  • 2020 we recommended 3 Paid Multibaggers for Target 500% 5 Years
    • 1st Multibagger Associated Alcohol returned 100% in 3 months [Our Target is 500%]
    • 2nd Multibagger Manappuram Finance returned 100% in 6 months [Our Target is 500%]
    • IOL Chemicals gave 100% Returns
    • Thyrocare gave 100% Returns
    • 3rd & 4th are in moderate return zone [ [Our Target is 300%]
  • 2019 we recommended 5 Paid Multibaggers
    • 1st Multibagger Caplin Point gave 200% returns
    • 2nd Multibagger SRG Housing gave 150% returns
    • 3rd & 4th Multibaggers are in Buy-range still
    • 1 of them in loss – gave sell signal
  • 2018 we asked to exit 90% of the holdings at Peak as market was overvalued – This saved Millions for Investors
  • 2012-17 Performance is given below.
    • Keep in mind you should hold at least 5 years for Compounding Returns like 500% per stock
    • If you can put 10-20 Lakhs per year, then in 5 Years you will get 500% returns around 1 Crore which you can use our Financial Freedom strategy to generate 20% Monthly Income making 2 Lakh Income per month



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  1. This is music to the ears. Waiting like a hungry dog…… Frankly my dear, we dont give a damn, if you have a licence or not, we have already given you out vote of trust.

  2. Bhailog, it’s mid of 2016 and we still haven’t heard from u…is the certification still pending ?
    Pls comeback soon…

  3. At first I was skeptical on the Low-price of your service. But your Multibaggers gave 100% in few months where other 1-lakh subscription advisors cannot. Keep up the Good Work Futurecaps! I hope to be Financially Free following yours.

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