The Electric Theme for Shocking Multibagger Gains!

Electric Vehicles was our #1 Theme of Future 7 Sectors which would create Rocking Multibaggers! In 2021 we surely seeing Momentum in this Sector with Largecaps electrifying their Fleet & Public Adaption due to Government Support on Tax Reductions. Clearly Electric Vehicle reduces the Pollution Imprints thereby positioning for a better Green India.

Who are the Largecap Players?

Tata Motors entered the Electrical Segment with their Tata Nexon EV which offers 300 kilometres of drive with a Single Charge.


Mahindra & Mahindra would be a Next Biggie in the Segment through their purchase of REVA Electric company now named as Mahindra Electric Mobility thereby adding the electric sedan eVerito, the electric commercial vehicle eSupro and the Treo range into the Fleet along with lithium-ion battery powered three-wheelers. It also became the first Indian car manufacturer to cross 170 million Kilometres traveled.

Who are the Midcap & Smallcap Players?

Clearly we are Not interested in the Largecap play as they Seldom gives Returns like 500-1000%. Hence we will be focusing on Midcap & Smallcap players which will have the following advantages:

  • UNDERVALUED as they are unnoticed & trading at low version of PE, PB etc.
  • GROWTH POTENTIAL as they are positioned in a growth sector
  • MUTUAL FUND INVESTING at higher prices will bring them to limelight and push prices higher
  • PE RESIZING will give 10X growth further making them a 50X-100X multibagger

Government Support

The government-backed Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) has issued tenders for 20K EVs to be deployed across the country for government use. With this the government aims an EV sales penetration of 30% for private cars, 70% for commercial cars, 40% for buses, and 80% for two- and three-wheelers by 2030.

Coupled with the New Vehicle Scrap policy of Nitin Gatkiri we are positioned for a New Boom in the EV Segment consisting of buses, cars, batteries, chargers etc.

Which are the Multibaggers?

Futurecaps have positioned for 2 Electric Multibagger Stocks on each of the plans below – we see 500% to 5000% returns on these in a 5-10 year period time. [Our IoT Multibagger gained 100% in 6 Months]

Both the Plans are positioned for Best Affordability Prices in India so Retail Investors can become Rich. Combo Discounts 30% will be provided for those contact through Whatsapp then you will Own the Multibagger Mine of India.

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