7 Future Sectors for Multibaggers

In the past you can see we have created 10000% Multibaggers. In our quest to create more multibaggers we are trying to see the future of technology & opportunities. Futurecaps Research declares following 7 Sectors as Future Multibagger Sectors. Indian companies positioning themselves in the Front Row will benefit from […]

IRCTC Multibagger Stock Analysis

In this post we can analyze IRCTC Multibagger Stock potential using Warren Buffett method of Multibagger Analysis. Corona Situation The current corona situation has caused recession & thereby severely affected the Tourism & Hospitality sectors. People have halted unwanted travels & leisure. Tourism & Hospitality Sector Corona has impacted the […]

IOL Chemicals Multibagger Analysis

In this post we can explore the potential of IOL Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals as a Multibagger. Corona Situation The current corona situation & induced recession has provided N number of Multibagggers to the showcase by under-valuing the companies. As you know the severe damages of corona is done, A smart […]