Pro-Investor Master Mind Course!

Welcome Dear Investor Friend!


It was few months back my subscribers wanted to start a Course on teaching them Pro-Investing which includes the Fundamental Analysis, Warren Buffet Analysis, Market Timing etc.


The Professional understands All Aspects of the Job!

It means if you wanted to be a Pro-Investor in Stock Market, you should be NO lesser than a Fund Manager.  It will take a long time but always there is a First Step!  Here is the Course Syllabus where you can start with.

Course Syllabus

Month 1

1. Stock Market Basics, Purpose & Wealth Creation Opportunities

2. Types of Investing – Value Investing, Theme Investing, Sector Investing, Turnaround Investing, Day Trading

3. Types of Stocks – Categories, Capitalization

4. Investing Duration – Short-term, Medium-term, Long-term

Month 2

1. Value Investing Fundamentals – Price vs. Value

2. Value Investing Ratios – PE Ratio, PB Ratio, DE Ratio, EPS, ROE, ROCE

3. Popular Tool Exercise- Create Sample Screeners

4. Exercise: Company Analysis & Evaluation

Month 3

1. Financial Statement Analysis

2. Sales & Revenue Analysis

3. Historic Analysis – Year & Quarter

4. Exercise: Company Analysis & Evaluation

Month 4

1. Annual Report Analysis

2. Expansion Plans & Remuneration Watch

3. Future Prospects

4. Exercise: Company Analysis & Evaluation

Month 5

1. Balance Sheet Analysis

2. Cash Flow Analysis

3. Fraud Analysis

4. Exercise: Company Analysis & Evaluation

Month 6

1. 25-Point Multibagger Checklist Creation

2. Select 5 Multibaggers Futurecaps Style – Value, Growth, Trailing Result focused

3. Mind Power Training

4. Invest with Sample Money

5. Online Exam with Certification

6. Prime Club Membership

Mind Power Training

The special Mind Power Training will include Erasing of your Loss-making Habits & Inhibiting the Quality Habits of a Pro-Investor.  You will look the world in a different angle after the course!

Study Materials

The Study Material will be in the form of Videos, PDF files, Excel workbooks Emailed to you & along with Facebook Group/Whatsapp for Query support.

Cost vs. Value

Cost is what you pay for.  Value is what you get back.

It is just Rs. 9999 you are Investing & You will Earn Back Millions!!

No-Risk Offer!

I will give you a No-Risk Offer! 

You can pay just rs. 99 for attending a Free Session!

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Additional Benefits

Free Subscription

Once you Join the course, you will get a Free 1 Year Multibagger Subscription.  This will enable to Validate your Knowledge & Invest with Confidence.

Prime Millionaire Club

If you successfully complete the course with flying colors, you will be promoted to our Secret Prime Millionaire Club group where you will be given Opportunity to Collaborate with Real-World Money Managers, HNI Investors so that you will never be let alone in the Investing world. 

(This Club is Important as you know how bear market eaten away all profits of Uninformed Investors – while Our team members had Zero Losses)


So this is the Only Course required for your Lifetime if you are Serious to Learn the Way of Riches!


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