How Idfc first bank and CG power for long term investment


How are CG power and idfc first bank for long term investment

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CG Power

Financial Year wise the company is in a Terrible position of Losses.  However we can see a Turnaround in latest Quarter which is Profitable.  If you can wait for next Quarter results & confirm the Turnaround is going to stay then we can Re-evaluate the stock to enter.

IDFC First Bank

It is having a great future per the Promoter & Business aspects.  However the banking sector is Not the best to create Multibagger returns Plus the company have a Loss history stopping us from Predicting based on EPS growth.

No pledging of shares.

Debt is high & so Interest Coverage Ratio too.

The good thing is that the latest 3 quarters are profitable which will result in good yearly results too & hence a good time to enter at current price.

Next time please split the questions for easiness for replying & readers too.

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