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I have purchased few stocks of Patels Airtemp. Is it worth accumulating at current price for next 3 to 5 years?

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Patel Airtemp seems to be a Moderate growth company given the following


  • Visible Growth before Corona – this shows it may Continue the Growth once the Corona troubles are over
  • Quarterly Results maintaining past year data which is good
  • EPS growth may pickup above 20% once the full economy recovery happens.
  • Intrinsic Value Discount > 70%
  • Trading below Book Value


  • Debt is high given this is a microcap company
  • Interest Coverage Ratio is good
  • Seems company is operating in highly price competitive industry & No uniqueness in product

My opinion would be to buy 50% at current price & remaining in 3-6 month installments if any lower prices possible.

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