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After few years gap we have restarted our Services. In this occasion, we would like to get your Feedback on our services, article quality, market trend information etc.

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20 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I have been the blog & site reader since 2012. I like the way checklist parameters are provided with coloring. It helps in understanding the fundamentals accurately. The multibaggers provided multiple returns till the peak time. Looking for more research & value services here after.

  2. Futurecaps is my trusted adviser . The stock recommendation shared by futurecaps have out performed recommendation from other adviser and i believe it due to the indepth study and multiple checks applied on the subjected stock. Stock recommendation reports shared have detailed information about the company and how it was classified as multibagger which gives me confident to invest in the recommendations. The knowledge article shared by futurecaps give significant very useful information and guidance on investing. I am confident that i will be achieving financial freedom with the help of Futurecaps. Thanks a lot for empowering my journey to financial freedom

  3. I have been following Futurecaps since the start itself and they have met and surpassed my expectations of working with stock analysis especially with multi-baggers.

    They take the time to really know the stocks which gives me every confidence that not just my financial goals are well understood but also my comfort level.

    They regularly provide updates and have always been available to answer any questions or to explain options within every context of their analysis.

    Transitioning from just a basic level of analysis of stocks into a 360 view of companies and its stock was amazing especially with analysis of factors including Capitalisation, sectors, brand, moat, future growth, sales growth, profit growth, all the relevant ratios, intrinsic values, reputation of management, promoter holdings, etc.

    Thank you Futurecaps…keep on doing the good things to make me richer and richer 🙂

    Vinu Kumaran

  4. Futurecaps is a futuristic advisor who is loaded with more than 25 checklist, before he advices us on the buy. Focus is always long term and it builds up the confidence in me to be part of this financial freedom journey.. A Warren Buffet investment journey with future caps.
    Keep your hard works go on..

  5. Recommended Analysis. I have couple of other subscriptions also. But futurecaps is still helping to provide steer to my portfolio. Really like the detailed analysis and portfolio assessments. Thanks for helping and handholding. I do a lot of research myself, but I was able to find a lot of excellent analytical points from here. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to write a testimonial. i am sharing my experience with futurecaps, i am to associated with futurecaps since long ..

    Futurecaps reports sets the benchmarks for reports in the stock market. The business , which is the crux on which out investing thesis lies is explained in simple manner with crystal clear clarity . I believe most important value addition for me has been the change in my mindset towards looking at equities for wealth creation for long term . Futurecaps chooses quality companies with a good scabability potential and remains loyal to them to let the returns play out.

    I wish him continued success!

  7. FutureCaps always do fundamental analysis of a stock covering all technical parameters which always enable to buy a stock with confident mind from the open market. Futurecaps always recommend worth stocks which can be 10x or 20x multibaggers down the line and as investor i always closely watching the recommendations, quarterly reviews,analysis and trends put forward by the futurecaps. Futurecaps has a big role in my share trading business and big applause for your seamless effort and commitment given to the customers as always. Good Luck. Thankyou!

  8. During 2008 I was an IPO Investor holding Reliance Power proudly!! I had other bluechips also in hand… But in a matter 1 year of bear market all these scrips turned worthless. Then for next 4 years I was not investing. Later I met you in Bangalore, you taught me Value Investing where you always buy a BMW at the cost of a Maruti. Then through the next wave of bull market I was able to recover all my money back – i had 500% returns on my 2012 stocks- thanks to your posts on cera, wim plast, vst tillers & I am happy that you are back with SEBI certification. Thanks for guiding me!!

  9. I am a new investor & your recession/corona strategy made me Profit from the Gold Loan finance company. Initially I was a Gold Investor only which only yielded less returns compared to FD. I would consider the Essential Training as the best part of the Multibagger package as it helps Me to learn budgeting & accounting AUDIT practices.

    1. Thank you Asuthosh! We are planning to conduct weekly training to empower more investors..

  10. I have been associated with Futurecaps for last one year. I am really impressed with the 25 Checklist report based on Warren Buffet value investing method. The recent recession/corona strategy worked really well for me. The inclusion of training under Multibagger package is a great initiative being taken by the team. The content is very informative. It helps in understanding the entire philosophy behind the picking up of any stock for long term investment as well as the confidence. I wish you good luck and success. Thank you.

  11. I have been subscriber since 2019- the scrips like Goldiam, H G Infra are rocking and gave 200-500% returns – It is amazing to have such a rocking performance at low cost. Definitely recommend Futurecaps to my friends.

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