The Story of a Safe Investor!

Over the years, I have worked with N number of Advisors, Investors & Students.  I often see Students with wrong decisions, occasionally see Investors with wrong decisions & very rarely Advisors with wrong decisions.

Recently, I was seeing one Advisor asking to Exit all the Stocks immediately & come back after Market is Stable!!

I would say he is wrong!!

Do you think he is Right?

Yes, some of you will be.  That is quite natural as part of learning curve.

Now let me tell the Story of a Safe Investor!

I had a friend who used to Jump from one Investment Vehicle to another – from Stocks to Gold to Real Estate to Bitcoin – so that to ensure he is Safe!

During 2012 I was a Cera Investor – he too invested on my recommendation.  But there were some bear market attack during the time & Cera crashed 20-30%.  Our Safe Investor sold his stocks & moved to Gold.

He gained some 10% profit over Gold ETF, then after an year turned bad in Gold too.  Now he had to exit Gold & moved to Real Estate.  Then comes the Demonetization hit & his plot investments turned red.

Irritated by this Safe Investing, he moved to Bitcoins since it was the New Upmoving market.  After an year, Bitcoin also turned red!

Now he is investing in Gold again – as Gold is in up-move now!

What is my opinion here?

I would say if he could have sticked just to Cera with the 30% losses, he would have got 1000% returns by now – 1500% returns during the peak too!

There is NO such predictable, consistent returns  like Stock Market – but you have to learn how to play it!

Why I consider Stock Market is the Best?

I would differ Stock Market from Gold, Real Estate & Bitcoins because Stock Market have an underlying company to research for, a promoter to check integrity, profit & loss statement to check the growth, balance sheet to measure fundamentals etc.  Thus it is better to choose stocks!

Additionally, Stock Market gives more growth of money, because these Bear Market will shrink the prices below their Intrinsic Value so that the Returns will be higher.

If you buy at rs. 10 and sell at rs. 100 you got 1000% returns.

If you buy at rs. 5 during a bear market crash and sell at rs. 100 you got 2000% returns. Double!!

One Should Learn How to Handle the Bear Market

To be successful in stock market, one should go mentored learning on how to handle bear market.

India Growth Story Intact

Due to the recent good measures by government on Super Rich Tax & RBI Fund Infusion, I believe India Growth will be Intact.  However, one should be careful to Play Smart in the upcoming Recessions.

Pro-Investor Course

As a measure to Help Investors, we are Conducting a Pro-Investor course at an Affordable Budget.  Those serious Investors who wanted to Master the Art of Valuations, Long Term Holding, Handling Emotions, Bear Market Strategies, Recession Tactics along with Mentoring Team can take up this course.

Again, No hard selling – as only Serious Investors are Welcomed!  It should give a 100000% returns on the cost if you successfully complete & apply the principles as Time is good for Investing now!

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