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If you liked our Free Multibagger & Warren Buffet Style of Value Investing using Intrinsic Value.. then here is our Paid Subscription Plan!

3 Year 30 Multibagger Stocks | Essential Training, Bear Market, Financial Freedom Strategies as Bonus. Here you will be getting our Adviser Invested Stocks & Tracking Updates.

RS. 30000

Rs. 9999 ONLY for limited period!


You will get the same stocks we recommend from other advisers at Rs. 30000, Rs. 50000 or more for 3 Years Subscription Period!

Value Investor should Buy High-Valued things at Low Price. If you are a Value Investor then this is a Deal!

Secured Payment | Net Banking | Credit-Card


#1 Finance Multibagger

A multibagger stock with 30% EPS growth, Celebrity Investor holding, Promoters incread share & Tading near Book Value with 90% Discoun to Intrinsic Value

#2 Technology Multibagger

An IT Company Multibagger playing big with Machine Learning, Cloud Computing & IOT positioned for next 5G technological wave.

#3 Pharmacy Multibagger

A pharmacy multibagger with 100+ US Patents trading near the book value. It is a front player in Corona related vaccines & preventive measures

#4 Chemicals Multibagger

A specialty chemicals business runner positioned to gain from Organic growth & Chinese environmental troubles & moving out of businesses.

Value Investing – Money is made in the Buy, not on Sell!


past multibagger stock 1
700% Returns
past multibagger stock 2
500% Returns
past multibagger stock 3
500% Returns
past multibagger stock 4
400% Returns
past multibagger stock 5
400% Returns


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Futurecaps is my trusted adviser . The stock recommendation shared by futurecaps have out performed recommendation from other adviser and i believe it due to the indepth study and multiple checks applied on the subjected stock.

Nitin, Software Developer, Bangalore

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Futurecaps is a futuristic advisor who is loaded with more than 25 checklist, before he advices us on the buy. Focus is always long term and it builds up the confidence in me to be part of this financial freedom journey..

Asuthosh, Engineer, Kochi

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Futurecaps benchmark reports the business which is the crux on which out investing thesis lies is explained in simple manner with crystal clear clarity . I believe most important value addition is in my mindset towards looking at equities for wealth creation for long term . 

Vivek, Doctor, Pune

Only 5% People make Profit in Stock Market!


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You should Invest in Knowledge to increase your Profits!



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Make your Money work for You!


Futurecaps is a SEBI Registered Analyst serving 1000+ customers for past 12 years. We are set of Advisors & Investors inspired from Warren Buffet style of Investing and use Value Investing, Growth Investing strategies along with Intrinsic Value calculations.

We provide Free & Paid multibagger services. Each Paid Multibagger published will under go 100+ Checklist to ensure the Future Growth, Management Integrity, Sector Potential, Fraud Prevention etc. 

We are passionate about creating multibaggers for 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and so on.


For queries on Subscription you can use the following Email.

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  • Contact@Futurecaps.com

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