Does the Subscription contains Multibaggers from 7 Future Sectors?

Yes. We already released 2 Multibaggers from these Future Sectors which are in Right Price to Buy now.  Our Adviser Team also invested in them.  In the long run we expect Infosys like return on them.

Also, 5 Future Sectors stocks cannot be found in India.. We will give you the GUIDANCE on How to Invest in them!

Why is your Subscription Fee is Low for 3 Years?
We are Frustrated with Stock Market Advisers who wanted to Get Rich by Selling Advises & Not by Investing in them!! 

Futurecaps wanted to be different! We enjoy providing High Quality Service with Low Prices so can help the Retail Investor to become rich.  Only then India will become Rich!

dhirubhai ambani high quality

We believe in the Vision of Dhirubhai Ambani (Biggest Value Creator for Shareholders in India) High Quality X Affordability X Large Volume

What is the Number of Multibaggers in the 2 Year Plan?

It will be 20 multibaggers.  (10 per year on which 5 Premium & 5 Free)

What is your Performance Comparison to Other Advisors?

If you see Futurecaps 2020 Performance of 100% Returns delivered at Just Rs. 9999 for 2 years!

  1. Another Big Adviser in India delivered only 10% Returns while taking Rs. 2 Lakhs for 3 years!
  2. Another Moderate Adviser in India delivered only 50% Returns while taking Rs. 30000 for 3 years!

Compare our Rs. 5000 per year 100% Performance with this Advisor who charges Rs. 50000! LINK

So we Performed better than other advisers & we are low cost too – High Performance Low Cost is what an Intelligent Value Investor looks for!  SUBSCRIBE Immediately Before Prices goes high..

What are your Principles in Investing?

  1. Provide High Quality Stocks which are Clean with Value Investing & Growth Principles of Warren Buffet
  2. Never provide Short-term OR Day-Trading Tips OR Lossy-companies to Gain Quick Money
  3. Hold Stocks for Long Term & Self Invest in them to Assure the Premium Subscribers
  4. Make the Service High in Value so More people can Afford & Make Indians achieve Financial Freedom
  5. Ensure the Advisor is also Invested – so No Cheating possibility

Can I get the past year multibaggers also Free?

Yes. We can provide the past year too.

What is your Qualification, Experience & Certification for Stock Market?

Futurecaps Advisor is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst, Holds an MBA along & 12+ Years Experience in Stock Market Investing.  Our long term holdings have returned up to 1000% returns & Portfolio averaged 30-50%.  You can see our past accolades here.

Please note that we were the Pioneers in Value Investing in India – the First Value Investing Screener was created by Futurecaps in 2010! Then we were running Free Blog which provided 1000% multibaggers.  Due to SEBI restrictions we turned off our service & last year in 2019 it was restarted.  Now we are trying to catch up on our Niche | Quality | Affordability | Happy Customers | Edge

What are the Free Multibaggers?
Free Multibaggers are those which are Published Freely on our web site.  This way we wanted to help the new Retail Investors to Learn & Make money so that they can Afford our Subscription for higher plays.  There won’t be tracking / updates on these stocks.

What is the % Allocation per Stock?
If you are Investing in 5 multibaggers per year, We recommend 20% Allocation on each Stock

If you are Investing in 10 multibaggers per year, We recommend 10% Allocation on each Stock

Do you provide Day Trading or Short Term tips?
No.  It is against our policy.  We wanted to stick to the Original purpose of Stock Market which is Long Term Investing.  All the others are shortcuts & in the long run it will burn hands.  Can you show any successful Day Trader or Retail Investor with a BMW profits?  If not we can show you many through Long Term Investing!

What are the Channels of your Communication?
We use Email for Multibagger Notifications. We use Whatsapp for Query Clarifications.  We use Zoom for Training.

What is the Vision you recommend for New Investors?
Stock Market is a place where long term investors Create Wealth!
Use our Free Multibaggers & Free Tutorials to generate Profits so you can Afford our 3 Year Package where you will get Essential Training on Secrets of Rich people.  Then using the strategies you can generate another 500% returns in 5 years. If you invest 20 Lakhs you will get 1 Crore!  Now you are Wealthy Person & can afford our 1 Year Financial Freedom package.
Then following our FF advice you are Financially Free after 1 Year with monthly 2 Lakh Income.  NOW You are a Real Rich Person!
Try Free Multibaggers > Gain Money > Subscribe 2 Year Package > Zoom 1CR in 5 Years > Buy Financial Freedom Package > Generate 2 Lakh Monthly Income in 1 Year  > You are Financially Free in Life!
What is your Advice on Finding the Best Advisor?
We would suggest following qualities in a True Advisor:
  • Advisor should be Investing their Recommendations (Most Tips providers earn money from Service, Not through Investing)
  • Advisor should be able to show their Capital Gains Tax Returns (If not they are just blabbering about the Profits)
  • Do not buy any Fake Action Hero Advisors who just give you Buy/Sell one-liners only.  Warren Buffett says that you should be Understanding the company before Investing.  More the Understanding Stronger will be your Capital & Higher will be your Returns.  So go for only Detailed Report Advisors.
  • High Paid Advisor should give back your Investment Capital on Losses (No Advisor can protect you from Losses, then why taking High Charges?)

Following is the screen shot of current holdings (mostly are 2019 picks which we are reinvesting)

futurecaps current holdings

Following is the tax returns during 2017.

futurecaps capital gains


We are in the Market since last 12 years.  Till today India’s growth story is intact & for next 5 years too.  So we are positioning for Massive Gains of 500% for next 5 Years!  If you feel we are good & do not wanted to waste time, then Proceed to be our Paid Subscriber!

Before the Prices goes up!

What is your Refund Policy?

We are giving FREE Multibaggers for customer to Validate our Research Quality.  In case if customer did not liked the Premium Multibaggers, they can Request Refund after Deducting the Price of Buyable Multibaggers in the Package.  For example if there are 2 Multibaggers within +30% Price Range then the Deduction will be Rs. 2000 plus Transaction charges.

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