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Frequently Asked Questions
Following are the Frequently Asked Questions regarding our services.

Multibagger Plan

What is your Qualification, Experience & Certification for Stock Market?
The Core Advisor is a SEBI Certified Research Analyst, Holds an MBA along with 10 Years Experienced in Stock Market.  You can see our past accolades here.

What is the Minimum Count of Multibaggers per Year?
There will be a Total of 10 Multibaggers per year on which 5 will be Paid Multibaggers & other 5 will be Free Multibaggers.

What is the Difference between Paid & Free Multibagger?
Paid Multibaggers are those which has undergone Thorough Research, QR Tracking & Updates.  The Futurecaps Advisor & Team will be invested in these too.  As a Subscriber, you will get Lifetime Updates on these stocks.

Free Multibaggers are those which are Published Freely on our web site.  This is part of our Social Service channel & to develop Confidence in new customers.  There won’t be tracking / updates on these stocks.

What is the % Allocation per Stock?
We recommend 10% Allocation on each Stock.

As a strategy, Invest 50-70% during the recommendation & the remaining as SIP in next few months.  More on SIP here.

What is your recommended Savings % Allocation for Stock Market?

If you are Aggressive, Put 70% of your Savings per Year in Stocks, Remaining 30% in Real Estate, FDs, Bonds.

If you are Savvy, Put 50% of your Savings per Year in Stocks, Remaining 50% in Real Estate, FDs, Bonds.

Why the Subscription Price is Low?
We believe in Value Oriented Service!  Stock Market is a place where we can get 1 Stock Advice for Rs. 1 Thousand & the same Advice for Rs. 1 Lakh.  SO we don’t believe in spending more for advice & earning more.. rather  Spending less on Advices & Putting more money on Investments & Principles.

What is the Difference between eBook & Multibagger Plan?
eBook provides 5 ready Multibaggers which are still around recommended price.

Multibagger Plan is an ongoing yearly subscription plan with new released multibaggers emailed to you, along with tracking & updates.

HNI Plan

HNI are those High Net Worth Individuals who does not care about spending few thousands to save their lakhs or crores of assets.

The Problem, A 5 Crore Net Worth Investor in 2018 January would have lost around 3 Crores as of today in 2019.  This is because they continuously hold on to stock market even in over-valued zone.

The Solution, We exited all our stocks on the Peak during January 2018.  This saved us Millions of Rs. which we moved to Real Estate & FDs giving additional profits.

So which idea is good:

  • Spending rs. 1 Lakh and Saving 2 Crores??
  • OR Saving rs. 1 Lakh and Loosing 2 Crores??

The HNI Plan consists of:

  • Personal Session with the Investor
  • Classifying Assets under different categories of Green/Yellow/Red based on Performance
  • Providing Buy/Sell Signals based on Market Positions
  • Providing Insights on Crypto Currencies, Real Estate
  • Provide Leverage Strategies to Maximize your Asset Performances

Be a Learner, Be a Winner!

Welcome to the Journey!!

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