Frequently Asked Questions
Following are the Frequently Asked Questions regarding our services.

Multibagger Plan

What is your Qualification, Experience & Certification for Stock Market?
The Core Advisor is a SEBI Certified Research Analyst, Holds an MBA along with 12+ Years Experienced in Stock Market.  You can see our past accolades here.

What is the Minimum Count of Multibaggers per Year?
There will be a Total of 10 Multibaggers per year on which 5 will be Paid Multibaggers & other 5 will be Free Multibaggers.

What is the Difference between Paid & Free Multibagger?
Paid Multibaggers are those which has undergone Thorough Research, QR Tracking & Updates.  The Futurecaps Advisor & Team will be invested in these too.  As a Subscriber, you will get Lifetime Updates on these stocks.

Free Multibaggers are those which are Published Freely on our web site.  This is part of our Social Service channel & to develop Confidence in new customers.  There won’t be tracking / updates on these stocks.

What is the % Allocation per Stock?
We recommend 10% Allocation on each Stock.

As a strategy, Invest 50% during the first month & the remaining as 10% SIP in next 5 months.  More on SIP here.

What is your recommended Savings % Allocation for Stock Market?

If you are Aggressive, Put 70% of your Savings per Year in Stocks, Remaining 30% in Real Estate, FDs, Bonds.

If you are Savvy, Put 50% of your Savings per Year in Stocks, Remaining 50% in Real Estate, FDs, Bonds.

Why the Subscription Price is Low?
We believe in Value Oriented Service!  Stock Market is a place where we can get 1 Stock Advice for Rs. 1 Thousand & the same Advice for Rs. 1 Lakh.  SO we don’t believe in spending more for advice & earning more.. rather  Spending less on Advices & Putting more money on Investments & Principles.

What is the Difference between eBook & Multibagger Plan?
eBook provides 5 ready Multibaggers which are still around recommended price.

Multibagger Plan is an ongoing yearly subscription plan with new released multibaggers emailed to you, along with tracking & updates.

HNI Plan

HNI are those High Net Worth Individuals who does not care about spending few thousands to save their lakhs or crores of assets.

The Problem, A 5 Crore Net Worth Investor in 2018 January would have lost around 3 Crores as of today in 2019.  This is because they continuously hold on to stock market even in over-valued zone.

The Solution, We exited all our stocks on the Peak during January 2018.  This saved us Millions of Rs. which we moved to Real Estate & FDs giving additional profits.

So which idea is good:

  • Spending rs. 1 Lakh and Saving 2 Crores??
  • OR Saving rs. 1 Lakh and Loosing 2 Crores??

The HNI Plan consists of:

  • Personal Session with the Investor
  • Classifying Assets under different categories of Green/Yellow/Red based on Performance
  • Providing Buy/Sell Signals based on Market Positions
  • Providing Insights on Crypto Currencies, Real Estate
  • Provide Leverage Strategies to Maximize your Asset Performances

Be a Learner, Be a Winner!

Welcome to the Journey!!

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