Master Mind Training 2021

Fear is the word we don’t like. And we don’t like at all when you experience fear while making an investment, risking your hard earned money!

We, at Master Mind Training 2021 are here to eliminate that fear from you & fill you with knowledge and confidence that empower you to be very comfortable while buying stocks and become Stock Market Khiladi!

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is not Feared!

Do you know Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is not Feared when the stock market corrects?

Yes, because he knows it is part of the process – market moves up & down and the stock will perform eventually based on the underlying company performance. So any corrections are just opportunities!

If you think 5 Years you will get 500% or more returns. Compare this with 50% returns of FD.

Learn all the LONG TERM INVESTOR Secrets in this Learning Plan!

The power to you within 3 months!

Well, life is fast paced, so we are! We have laid out our crafted-to-perfection Master Mind Training 2021 investment training course into 3 months. We have created our course modules in such a way that in these 3 months, you will not only gain the 12 Secret Lessons of Stock Market & you will be confident enough to handle all your investments like a PRO!

  • You will receive course materials every weekend
  • Explained in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Just spend 1 hour learning and practicing
  • Enables you with techniques to pick best stock choices
  • You will Learn the Peaceful Sleep Mantra of Celebrities even during Bear Times

Warren Buffett advantage!

We will train you for Value Investing using Warren Buffett’s proven strategies to answer the following questions.

  • How do Celebrity Investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Ramesh Damani make Compounded Returns in Stock Market?
  • How do Celebrity Investors manage Downtime when price crashed by 50%?
  • How many stocks do Celebrity Investors hold?
  • What are the Key Factors of Selecting Stocks?
  • How to Handle Bear Market?

THE COURSE CONTAINS THE ONLY 12 ESSENTIAL LESSONS OF STOCK MARKET .. if you skip this then you will ending up learning all wrong lessons in stock market!


3-Month Online Course

This is a 3-Month Online Course where you will get Course Materials send to you every weekend. You are required to spend 1-2 hours in learning & practicing.

Value Investing by Warren Buffett

This course will teach you how to perform Value Investing using Warren Buffett strategies along with Portfolio Management, Bear Market Handling, Net Worth Progress & Mind Power Techniques for Wealth Creation.

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Earn Belts

After every 4 weeks there will be Exams providing you Accolades in form of Belts – Yellow, Green, Brown & Black Belts.

master mind training stock market india
Once you learn the Basics of Investing like P&L, Balance Sheet, Ratios you gain Yellow Belt.
master mind training stock market india
Once you learn the Professional Tools, Warren Buffet Strategies & Multibagger Checklist you gain Green Belt.
master mind training stock market india
Once you learn Portfolio Management, Bear Market Handling & Mind Power Techniques you gain Brown Belt.
master mind training stock market india
Once you Prove your Stock Selection is giving Multibagger Returns you gain Black Belt.


Created by Advisor Team

This course is created by the same Battle-field Advisor Team behind Futurecaps Multibaggers to Assure the Right knowledge of Investing.

Millionaire Club Membership

Once you attain the Black Belt you will be given Access to our Secret Millionaire Club group where you will receive Secrets of Riches in creating & maintaining wealth. Conditions Apply.

secret millionaire club

Affordable Pricing

As always Futurecaps charges only a Fraction of Cost for the Value provided. You can get this course at an Affordable Price of just Rs. 9999 only. You will get Re. 1 Lakh to 10 Lakh value out of it.

APPRECIATION vs DEPRECIATION you should spend money on Appreciating ones vs Depreciating ones (eg: master mind training vs electronic gadget)

Perhaps, it is natural for you to ask “is this training course really worth every rupee?” And here’s what we guarantee

While designing this training course, our primary concern was value-for-money and your peace of mind! We know the hardship of earning money. We value your money. We want you and your dear ones to be happy. Life is not so long that we put all our money on fixed deposits waiting it to grow. We need to take healthy risks so as to fulfill all our dreams before it’s too late! Our Master Mind Training 2021 is the perfect choice for you. Join today and join the club of successful investors! 

You can also avail a Risk Free Trial & Later Upgrade!



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All the on-going Students Progress will be displayed here. Black Belts will be Permanently displayed.

QUALITY EDUCATION IS NOT FREE the free minded people will chase all shortcuts & amateur learning in youtube thereby screwing up capital & life – FREE will cost you more! GO with real professional education!