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Good Decision! You are on the Path to Millionaire!!

Futurecaps is a SEBI Certified Research Analyst providing Multibagger Stocks since last 5+ years.  Our core Strategy is Fundamental & Growth Analysis using Warren Buffet methodologies.   You can see our past successes here.

We have a passion to bring less known multibagger stocks to the surface.  We also share our Core Adviser Invested Scrips through our Paid Plan.  You are recommended to purchase these as there will be tracking & updates too.  To keep the things affordable, we kept the rates low.

“Don’t sell a product, Start a Movement!’

Plan Fee Description Link
Multibagger Plan

*Best Selling

Rs. 2999 (annual) Multibagger Stocks from the Small & Mid Cap Sector with Vision of minimum 500% returns in 5 Year holding.

All the Paid Multibaggers will be undergone thorough analysis,  quarterly results tracking.

Plus, our Adviser Team will be invested in these making them more stronger decisions.

Apt for Experienced Investors.

Past Performance

Zoom your Wealth!
Financial Freedom Plan

*Focused Investors

Rs. 9999 (annual) Above Plan + Strategies & Implementation Plans to achieve Financial Freedom by 5 years.

Includes Money Management, Portfolio Guidance,  Stock Market, Real Estate, Legal Strategies from Real World Achievers.

Apt for Focused Investors.

Chase your Life Passion!
HNI Plan

*High Net Worth Individuals

Rs. 1 Lakh (five years) Receive all the above plans along with Market Trends,  Entry/Exit Signals, Under-valued/Over-valued Segments across Stocks, Gold, Real Estate, Crypto-currencies along with Legal Strategies & Templates.

This is our Signature Service. You will not get it elsewhere.  Last year our Clients saved Crores by Exiting on Top of the Market.

Apt for High Net Worth Individuals who Invest Crores in Market.

Save, Protect & Grow your Wealth for Generations living Fully!

After Subscription you will get Email Notifications.  Please give us 24 hours time to respond.  For any Questions on Subscription, please send a mail to below email address:


Additional Services

Plan Fee Description Link
Phone Consultation Rs. 499 (one-time, 20 minutes) Phone Clarifications on Queries, Vision etc.

Apt for New Customers
Portfolio Guidance Rs. 1999 (two calls / screen share) Validates your existing Portfolio, Provide s recommendations on Cleaning Up.

Apt for New Customers
Combo Plan Rs. 4999 Phone Consultation + Portfolio Guidance + Multibagger Plan

Apt for New Customers with Troubled Portfolio seeking Direction


You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page here.

Be Learner, Be Winner!

Welcome to the Journey!!

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