5 Ways you are Loosing Money!

In the past week market crashed & investors started panicking!

SOLUTION: If you are investing in quality growth stocks, then you don’t need to worry as the prices will rebound in long term. Instead, you should be buying more during down times – this is what the Celebrity Investors do.

Now that you are panicking with stock price crashes, let me give more instances which require your attention. These are some other ways were you are really loosing money which will never come back.

Why you don’t notice these?

It is because they are Not displayed in TV with the Price & Change %

#1 Inflation

The Indian Economy undegoes average 5% Inflation – so you are loosing 5% of your money every year through Low Returns in Fixed Deposits, No Interest Endowment Insurance Policies etc.

For example: if you have Rs. 10 Lakh in bank – you are actually loosing Rs. 50 Thousand every year!

#2 Depreciation

Depreciation is a silent corroder of wealth.

Your car is undergoing 20% depreciation – eg: A 1- Lakh Maruti is causing 2 lakh first year, 1.5 lakh next year so

Your computer is undergoing 50% depreciation eg: A 1-Lakh Laptop is corroding Rs. 50 Thousand value.

#3 Real Estate

This is the biggest wealth destructor if you do not learnt how real estate works.

The Covid period destroyed 30-50% Current Value & Unseen 5% Appreciation every year.

So a person with Rs. 1 Crore real estate had lost Rs. 30 Lakhs plus in last 2 years & also another Rs. 5 lakh every year without appreciation which is unseen loss.

Unseen Looses are Bigger than Seen Losses!

#4 Career

What you have done for your Career Progress? Any certification, Any job change, Any relocation?

For example, a guy earning Rs. 10 Lakh annually could invest in a Rs. 20 Thousand Certification to gain another Rs. 5 lakh extra. If he is persisting can relocate to another country gaining another 500% gain.

So without doing any career progress you are loosing Rs. 5 Lakh per year.

#5 Politics

When is the last time you voted carefully? Do you know your not voting Or wrong voting would cost you back?

If a wrong politician is chosen, they may be corrupted by filthy corporate there by increasing the taxes, blocking healthy competition & preventing innovative products which could have helped you. All these are Unseen losses.

For example, developed countries provided unemployment benefits of Rs. 10 lakh during pandemic period to all their citizens. They can do so because the People are Politics-Conscious & chosen People-Oriented politicians.

So Rs. 10 lakh+ is the unseen loss per year!

You are loosing Lakhs to Crores in Multiple Ways!

IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING THE PINCH imaging a thief stealing Rs. 1000 from your wallet. Do you Feel the pinch of loosing? If so, why you are not feeling the pinch of loosing Lakhs & Crores??


Take control of these money loosing ways if possible. the first step towards it is Measuring – this is why we recommend Auditing every year as per the ebook provided in SUBSCRIPTION.


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