D P Wires Ltd Multibagger 2022 Analysis

This article we can explore the possibility of D P Wires Ltd as a multibagger 2022 Stock based on Value Investing principles.

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About D P Wires Ltd

With the dream to become the best wire manufacturers in India, DP Wires Ltd. was established in the year 1971. It was a daring feat to start a business of own back then as there were a lot of mouth which spoke against this idea, however, their perseverance, grit and determination shaped the company into what they are today. They have successfully managed to attract thousands of customers from all over the country and most of them were amazed at quality of the products we manufacture. During their journey of about 50 years, company got a lot of recognition and praises from their clients as well as several government agencies. They were recognized as a premium exporter, manufacturer and supplier of high quality steel wires and plastic products.

DP Wires Ltd. is primarily a wire manufacturing organization which came into existence in the year 1971 and it went on to get itself incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 with the certificate of incorporation dated February 26, 1998 which was issued by Registrar of Companies, Mumbai, Maharashtra. It felt like they were living a dream which seemed to be an impossible thing for them. But somehow, it became real and did so with immense glory. The response received in the initial years of the organization was humble but with continuous effort and improvements in their products and services, they managed to make it.

Believing that expansion is an important factor in the growth of any organization, they began to look for options which will help them set a new base as a starting step towards expanding ourselves. Finally in 2012, they got the office and operations shifted to the famous industrial estate of Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh and we never looked back after that. Company got in touch with new people who soon became the associates and key players behind their growth during these past few years in Ratlam. They successfully managed to run out operations with great efficiency and they were truly humbled by the response received from the people of the state.

ISO certification is known as the gold standard certification for manufacturing different kind of industrial goods and appliances which are used both domestically and commercially. All their products are ISO 9001-2008 certified which assures the client of safe and sound products like LDPE films, HDPE Films, Plastic Films, Cap Covers, Wires and other stuff which makes them world-class products. Company take proud in every single product manufactured from their unit because of the hard work that goes into making it.

D P Wires Ltd Multibagger 2022 Analysis

Products and Services

  • LRPC Strands
  • Induction Tempered Wire
  • Steel Wire
  • Geomembrane Sheet

Profit & loss

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Warren Buffett Checklist

Economic moatModerate


  • Company is almost debt free.
  • Company is expected to give good quarter
  • Company has delivered good profit growth of 42.12% CAGR over last 5 years
  • Company’s median sales growth is 22.56% of last 10 years


Brand Building & Reputation need to be Spiked

Sales Growth Rate is Low

Intrinsic Value Discount is 30% only


As per the Expansion & Value Investing grounds the company is having Multibagger Properties.


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