Finolex Industries Limited ( FIL) is India’s most trusted PVC pipes and fittings manufacturer Over the last 40 years, FIL impacted the sanitation-plumbing and agricultural sectors with prudent investments across our value chain.

Finolex Industries Limited (FIL), formerly Finolex Pipes Ltd., was incorporated in 1981 and has been in the Plastics business since then. Beginning as a modest rigid PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) pipe manufacturer, FIL went on for backward integration and now manufactures PVC resin too.

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The company’s manufacturing plants in Pune, Ratnagiri, and Masar house are all the modern-day equipment. Finolex PVC Pipes and Fittings are available in various sizes, pressure classes and diameters making them suitable for diversified applications in both agricultural as well as non-agricultural sectors including housing, industrial and construction. The company has been providing superior quality PVC-U and CPVC Pipes and Fittings, all across the country through its vast direct and indirect retail outlets.

The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing PVC pipes & fittings and PVC resin. The company’s product range includes PVC Resin ,PVC-U Pipes & Fittings, Selfit PVC-U Pipes (for agriculture and potable water supply),Ringfit PVC-U Pipes (for agriculture and potable water supply),Moulded Fittings for Agriculture, Fabricated Fittings for Agriculture, Protector Well Casings and Screens, Underground Sewerage Pipes, Selfit & Ringfit SWR PVC Pipes ,SWR Moulded Fittings, Plumbing Pipes (for domestic plumbing applications),Solvent Cemented Fittings (for domestic plumbing applications),etc. The company is also trading actively in Ethylene Di Chloride and Methanol. These products are used as solvents in the Pharma, Fertilizer, Paints, Lamination, Amines and various other industries in India.

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  • Agriculture Pipes & Fittings
  • Casing Pipes
  • Column Pipes
  • Solvent Cement & Lubricant


  • Flow Guard Plus CPVC Pipes & Fittings
  • Sewerage Pipes
  • SWR Pipes & Fittings
  • Solvent Cement & Lubricant

The FIL stands at Rs. 10829.50 millions for the September 2021 quarter which indicates a rise of about 84.95% as against Rs. 5855.50 millions during the year-ago period. Profit for the quarter ended September 2021 rises by 96.36% to Rs. 2350.80 millions from Rs. 1197.20 millions. Operating Profit saw a handsome growth to 3313.30 millions from 1772.30 millions in the quarter ended September 2021.

Finolex Industries Limited (FIL) is India’s largest backward integrated and most trusted manufacturer of PVC-U pipes and fittings for the plumbing-sanitation and agricultural sectors. FIL was established in 1981, making PVC pipes from a plant in Pune, Maharashtra. Today, it has two strategically located plants in Maharashtra, at Ratnagiri and Urse, and a third in Masar, Gujarat. With a distribution network that covers 900 dealers and over 21,000 retail touchpoints, all interconnected through nine branch offices across the country. Offering a wide range of products in various sizes, pressure classes and diameters suitable for diversified applications across the two main categories of Plumbing-Sanitation and Agriculture. Including agricultural pipes and fittings, casing pipes, column pipes, sewerage pipes, SWR pipes and fittings, ASTM pipes and fittings, CPVC pipes, and solvent cement for pipes and fittings across applications.

With a focus on creating the strongest, most reliable, and longest-lasting products possible, FIL has earned the faith of farmers, builders, industrial giants and their next generation – reliably, efficiently, and flawlessly. Over the last 40 years, company has devoted itself to bettering our manufacturing process and product quality through research, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.

FIL company has never lost their sight of roots and the need to nurture them by creating opportunities for the lesser privileged in our country. Through educational, social welfare and healthcare initiatives, company helps to elevate these communities above their circumstances to access self-reliance, prosperity, and fulfilment – to enjoy a transformation that is self-sustaining. FIL believes that nurturing our roots, and the earth and water that nourishes them, leads to towering possibilities for the future of our country.

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