Where are Short-Term Investors now?

As we repeat again, Stock Market is for LONG Term Investing. This vehicle is to create Capital Growth through Expansions, Market Recognition, Valuation Growth of a company. Then you will get 10X, 20X, 100X & even 1000X kind of returns. However nothing is possible in weeks or months or few years!

The Short-Term Investors are wrongly-programmed by Quick-money Brokers & Traders. They gain 10%, 20% kind of returns while they risk their 100% capital. In a Bear Market like March 2022 they wipe out significant amount of capital & confidence.

This is the reason we keep the following mantas:

  • Stock Market is for LONG TERM Wealth Creation
  • You should Invest ONLY Surplus Money in stock market
  • Long Term Investing is Passive
  • Invest only 70% initially in a stock
  • Keep aside 30% capital for future
  • Invest 30% remaining during Bear Market Corrections
  • Hold for Long-term
  • Above 2 years No losses
  • Corrections are Opportunities to ZOOM your Wealth

This is what our Legend Warren Buffett also doing.

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