Which are the Sectors to Invest in 2021?

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Given the last bull run in Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals it may be Logical to relate it to the Corona Troubles. At the same time given Corona Vaccines are been Implemented we may see a Reversal for this Trend in few quarters. In this case the current bull run on healthcare may continue but will switch to the bottom sectors.

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As of writing on Jan 20, I am witnessing Huge Demand for the Auto Stocks while TATA MOTORS gained 30% Upside in a week. Clearly it is not a Profitable counter & not in our smallcap/midcap space.


IT industry gained huge money from the Corona issues as more people moved online thereby helping software, e-commerce, internet, hardward related companies.

We have seen IndiaMart gaining 80% increased in Sales & Profits due to the same boom. The joining of Biden in US will again increase more business to the IT Export & BPO Sector. So I feel there are some more value picks left in this sector.


Oil & Gas Sector is clocking at Negative 2.1% and I would expect good rally on this sector once the economy is back on heels. Few companies to look on are Oil & Oil exploration sectors. We already released a Premium Multibagger from Oil & Gas Sector.

The rise of Adani in the Gas Sector will be glorified as a Big Bull Entrance in Gas Sector in the coming decade.


This is another sector which was tremendously tarnished by the COVID troubles. Being sales down, workers returning homes, price been deflated – this sector is deeply under-valued in my observation.

Maharashtra gained Super High in Foreign Investments & this will help the Real Estate sector as well.

We have released a Hidden Gem from the Realty Sector with potential of 1000% ROI in 5 years.

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