Taking Luxury Home Loan is the Biggest Mistake costing 10 Crore!

Straight to the point: Luxuryy Home Loan is the Biggest Financial Mistake!

What is Rule #1 of Loan?

Rule No. 1 of Loan says that “Returns should be Higher than EMI!”

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Example 1: If you are spending Rs. 50000 for a Home Loan EMI instead of paying Rent Rs. 15000.. then the Loan is Not Profitable!

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How do we Calculate the Returns on Loan?

  • Rental Savings
  • Land Appreciation
  • Minus, Building Depreciation

The Rental Yield of India is 3% – But for Tier-2 states it will be around 1%.

So nowhere Buying Home is going to be profitable.

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What is Rule #2 of Luxury?

Your House & Car should be less than 20% of your Net Worth!

Then, the remaining 80% money will work for you giving Financial Freedom.

All Financially Intelligent Rich People follow this rule.

However, most middle class people not knowing the rules buy House at 200% Loan thereby locking themselves whoel life & generations for Financial Slavery. Some even have to leave their home to abroad for paying the Loan EMIs.

Why 95% Home Loan Takers are Loss?

Most of the Home Loan Takers are Innocents like YOU who are mislead by the Bankers & Builders who are Wicked!

Most of the Home Loan Takers are Innocents like YOU who are mislead by the Bankers & Builders who are Wicked!

The builder charges 50% extra for the house as they know a Banker will be ready to Loan the Inflated Price. Then the Banker appears who will ensure Your credibility & Lock you for a Lifetime.

You enter this Game because you have been Told the House will Save the Rent through Appreciations! In fact, the banker & builder cheated you with Inflated Price & Interests which is higher than the Appreciation Rates.

This is the reason 95% Home Loan Takers are at Loss!

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How it will Cost Rs. 10 Crore?

If you Calculate the Losses they make per year instead of Renting & Considering the Opportunity Cost of Capital of switching to high return investments like stocks – they would have been earning 10 Crore or Above in 20 Years!

I can show the Calculations for You in our Real Estate Webinar!

Note: There is a Cost for it | If you are Not ready to Pay the Cost like any others who wanted things for Free | Then the Builder & Banker will Cost you More!

Remember, Free Knowledge will Cost you more!


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4 thoughts on “Taking Luxury Home Loan is the Biggest Mistake costing 10 Crore!

  1. i am from chennai – i was planning to invest 50 lakhs of my family share in a building in village. Futurecaps Consulting helped me realize that i was making 20 Lakhs loss in that deal. Thank you for the help!

    Kumar, Chennai

  2. JP was excellent to work with he gave me the Hints of what Mumbai Builder is going to do before the property visit. We went with property visit & they did exactly what he said! I would have locked with that bad property in north bangalore if JP would not have given the hint. Really, we are in the world of looters – only Futurecaps like folks are giving the right light of investment. he says he cannot post the strategies public-ally as builders will create troubles hence sharing in the webinar.

  3. “I enjoyed the webinar very much. I am already in coaching and I thought I know everything about real estate investing. But JP with his team of investors told me the 7 habits truth. really without which we are loosing money! another techique in the webinar he asked me to give 10 thousand rs. i hesitated & he asked – if you cannot give me free rs. 10 thousand then why you are loosing LAKHS rs. every year? really his calculations was mind-blowing and revealed that i was loosing 5.5 lakhs with a house purchase.. that too every year!!

  4. i was an NRI. When buying a flat in mumbai the builder offered me 80 lakhs + free parking area. I thought it was a good deal. consulting with Futurecaps I understood i was paying 40 lakhs extra for the flat. i told my friends also to exit. but bechara log they went ahead and even after 5 year they are just at 5 lakh profit with rent very low . Futurecaps told me the Rental Yield calculation which helped me save my capital. no i am following JP on the financial freedom plan. i asked them why they are not full time into these webinars & books – he said – that is the problem of all builders as they have to pay rent & salary – so they inflate the price & cheat customer. we don’t want to do that hence keepign low – only intellgent folks will understand us. i like his theory that only 5% investors actually make money – in real estate or stock market.

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