2020 Lessons Learned

As we move to 2021 let us Re-iterate the Lessons learned from 2020.

image 12
A Micro Invisible Virus can create this much Chaos and Bring the World to Halt!

image 13
Whatever Financial Experts we have, a Financial Recession appears every 8-10 years.

image 14
People got equipped with Technology & Equipment for the upcoming 5G Digital World.

image 15
Media can Turn a Tiny Pug into a Tibetian Mastiff!

image 16
Those who adapted latest Technology were the Early Survivors and also Boon Winners.

image 18
Lot of Travel, Meetings, Educations were Not Necessary.

image 19
Riches uses Bear Market as Secret Weapon to double their Income.
Core Strategy in Master Mind Training.

image 20
You cannot Invest in a Bear Market unless you have Surplus Fund.
image 21
Preachers & Followers who Ignored Money were Taught a Lesson – Money, Health, Happiness, Purpose are 4 Pillars of Life – one is down whole life is down.

image 22
Millionaires keep 7 Sources of Income – So 2nd one is just Mandatory.

image 23
Being Alive is the Best Achievement of 2020 – CONGRATULATIONS!
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