40% Gain in Latest Multibagger & Market Outlook!

Congratulations All Premium Subscribers that the Latest Multibagger gained 40% Gain in just 1 Week!! It was a Niche Value Pick based on Budget 2021 Infrastructure focus.

Futurecaps Research is primarily focused on Single Objective:

  • Find Undervalued Growth Pick

Undervalued ensures we will not loose money. Any downturns will be recovered sharply as the stock is undervalued.

Growth ensures that there will be Pulling Up factors which will bring the Share Price increase.


As of today the NIFTY is witnessing crash mainly due to the Over-valued Largecaps. Remember, we warned about this in our previous post that Largecaps are Over-valued with NIFTY PE Ratio clocking around 40 which is not happening in last 50 years!

However, Midcap & Smallcap have different Path than the Largecap & We think they are going to Out-perform again in the upcoming months. The boost will be provided through Recovering Economy, Liberated Budget, US Stimulus Pumping etc.

We are buying our scrips regularly & increasing during any corrections while keeping the Portfolio limits.

So if any our your circle says this is a Bear Market start – Just Ignore the Noise & Focus Long Term!

[we are only putting money in stock market which we do not need in next 5 years]

Accumulate on Dips as we are Long-term Investors!


As described in the 7 Future Sectors Video we are now witnessing the Electric Vehicles Boom in India. Lot of Investors are searching “electric vehicle stocks” in google. As part of the EV Strategy we have identified a Smallcap Multibagger which have potential of 50-100X in next 10 years. Advisor Team is also invested.

  • This is Not Tata Motors.
  • This is Not Mahindra & Mahindra.
  • This is Not Himadri Specialty Chemicals.

This multibagger will be freely provided to the Multibagger Plan clients.

electric vehicle multibagger 2021


[subscribe before the 50% Price Hike going to Happen]

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