Buy these Multibaggers (Intrinsic Value Updates)

As we are observing lite corrections and lot of Short Term Investors & Traders wiped out due to the US Bond Yield & Stimulus Events. Even though this has shredded some of our new gains in Smallcaps, I would like to Re-iterate our LONG TERM GOALS, INTRINSIC VALUE DISCOUNT & FEW ACTIONS!



Note: We are only mentioning here those Multibaggers which has Triggered their Valuations. Others not mentioned here are good to hold.


Buy More Incrementally if the Stock Price goes Down while ensuring the Intrinsic Value Discount & Per Stock Portfolio Limit.

[last time we had caplin point, srg housing etc. bought at lower levels to get 300-500% returns in 1 year]
Recent MultibaggerPeak GainsIntrinsic Value DiscountDescription
Titan Biotech 20%90%Biotech sector to witness huge growth of 10% above till 2025. This company is a recent excellent performer with 500% Increase in Sales & Profits. Good to add more.
Gujarat Themis Hidden Gems400%90%Company managed to have 50% growth in Revenue & Profits. The Contract to Manufacturing Play is having more growths in the coming years.
Kilpest Hidden Gems 300%90%Whopping 1000% growth in Sales & Profits with Quarterly visibility in Growth. Good to add more.

The Power of Value Investing is Whenever the Stock price is down we can Check the Intrinsic Value & Invest More for Maximizing Long Term Returns. This is the Strategy used by Portfolio Managers, Warren Buffet etc. Learn Master Mind Training.


Note: No Serious Sell Actions for now as the Low Prices are not best time to Sell the stocks. However if you are Out of Cash then you can think of Selling the stocks from table below & re-invest in high growth stocks above.

Recent MultibaggerPeak GainsIntrinsic Value DiscountDescription
SRG Housing Finance500%30%Expansion plans in FY 21-25
Caplin Point300%40%No visible expansion plans – Can switch to high growth pharma/biotech scrips
Maithan Alloy100%0%Corona Recovery Growth is backup – more moves upside expected.
Associated Alcohol200%70%Company having 15% increase in Sales & Profits due to the Recovering economy. Can hold more for more gains.
Asian Oil20%80%Oil Prices are continuing to Rise due to the COVID Recovery. Hold more for real play to unleash.

Note Other Stocks which are not mentioned here are good to hold.


We do not expect a Killer Bear Market like Mar 2020. However if the bear market continues to be deeper, we get one more quick opportunity to double Free Capital by Investing in above Multibaggers & Upcoming New Multibaggers.

So currently the 70:30 Stock:Cash Ratio to be continued. [30% cash can be parked in fixed-deposits or debt-funds too]

Remember as per in Master Mind Training:

  • Do not over-think about stock market as Our emotions will not make any changes in stock market.
  • You have to take only Few Actions per month in stock market.
  • Focus on more actions which will make money from your career & business. Invest money in stock market & Take less actions there.
  • Wait for the long term growth & valuations to play out & become rich with least effort.

STOCK MARKET IS MADE FOR LONG TERM all the riches like Warren Buffett are created through Long Term Investing.

SHORT TERM INVESTOR LOOSES IN BEAR MARKET stop loss, no averaging are Destructive Habits of Short Term Investors!

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