CORONA – Techniques used by Employers to Terminate

As the cascading effect of Corona Virus, the Indirect Businesses have started Impacting too! Here we are sharing the Experience of an IT Manager of an MNC company.

Madhuri is a Manger working in an IT MNC in UK. She was a long-term employee of 10 years with the same company. Due to this she was more of like “settled” mentality. Although not latest in the Technologies & Skills, she was “getting through” the job & Living in her own house with her children are studying in good schools – all was going well!

Then the Corona started playing bad in Mar 2020 & all of the employees were working from home. She too was safe to continue her job from home without any salary impacts.

The Color started Changing!

Note the point that IT industry does not have its own industry. Instead it is supporting other industries like Hotel, Tourism, Airlines, eCommerce, Retail, Audit etc. So there are industries which are impacted bad by corona & there are also industries which are impacted good by corona too.

Example: Hotel, Tourism, Airlines are Busted by Corona

Example: eCommerce, Online Gaming, Online Meetings businesses are Boomed during Corona

Tactics by Companies

Companies use the Recession as an Opportunity to remove weaker employees & hire strong ones from the market. This is the way company increases it’s efficiency. Most of the times “weak” employee is the one who is “not favorite” too. They use different tactics to remove these employees.

One fine morning in April, the company HR sent a Mail to everybody to start dancing at their home & send the video back. Most of the employees thought it as Ridiculous & did not responded. Madhuri too did not responded.

image 1

However, there were like “chamacha” employees who enthusiastically recorded their dancing video & responded back. Those videos were posted in the company portal & everybody returned back to work.

The Trouble

After 2 months in June, our Madhuri got a call from HR saying her project is getting over & placed her to bench. If she cannot find another project in 2 weeks then she has will be Terminated from the Job!

Very Bad Situation!

She got panic! Lots of thoughts came to her mind – how to pay the Home EMI, how to pay the School Fees, how to sell her home in case of disaster, how to get a flight back to India!

Note: The company was using the Dancing Video to find out who are the Employees sticking close to the Company. Those who danced entered their Favorite list & got protected.

image 2

Moral of the Story

Don’t just rely on your company! Your company is not strong enough to protect you forever. The company is another weak entity relying on the customer who in turn rely on the economy.

If the economy busts > your client busts > your company busts > then you are in trouble

The Solution

This time will also pass by! But make sure your Current Job is protected by being Nice to the company.

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