India Budget 2021 Expectations

Following sectors to get Boost in the upcoming Union Budget 2021 happening on Feb 1, 2021.

budget 2021 india


Expansion of National Highways, Railway Infrastructure, Boost to Affordable Housing, Gas Infrastructure is realistic expectations in t his Budget. One should not forget the too ambitions 100 Smart Cities promised during 2015.

Reduced Inflation thereby Reduced Loan Rate, Income Tax Bar Raise will boos the Real Estate residential & commercial sectors. Steel | Real Estate | Capital Goods companies should benefit from this ride while the Government may be seeking Bonds for Global Investment in Real Estate sector.


With the Focus on Farmers Amendment Act 2020, Corporate Interest in Farming, Crop Protection, Building of Godowns for Food Storage across the countries all denote that Agriculture will be a good sector to focus on. I do expect the Farmers Income to be doubled within 2-3 year period on the ground of Farmers Amendment Act. The controversies are answered here.

Reduction of GST to 5% on Insecticides, Increasing Urbanization, Decreasing Land, Contract Farming are going to Boost this sector. Seeds, Insecticides, Pumps companies should benefit from this ride.


COVID reminded on the need for HiFi Healthcare Infrastructure in the country with Expansion on Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Training Institutions. Coupled with the Income Tax Slab Up & Deductions there will be boost to the Insurance & Mediclaim sector companies.


RETAIL SECTOR up-rise due to the control on covid & vaccine arrival

IT SECTOR up-rise due to the Signing-up of Joe Biden as American President

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