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Dear Investors, we are having a rocking time till now as predicted before that our Midcap-Smallcap sector is under-valued and going to rock! This is happening now & I am seeing quick 100% returns in a matter of 3 months, 2 months & 1 month!! Awesome!!

This trend is expected to continue for few months. But make sure you have the 30% Cash Fund ready for any Dip Absorption. Remember, Cash Fund boosts portfolio returns.


I am getting multiple queries from Clients (especially Short Term Investors) whether to Sell a Stock when it reaches 100% levels. These investors are pretty new to the concept of Long Term Investing & hence I recommend Master Mind Training for them.


There will be Bear Times where the stock prices will be in blood bath, There will be Bull Times where the stock prices will go super high in short time & there will be Stagnant periods.

Sometimes the market will give No Returns even if the company is in growth. Other times the market will give 5 year returns in just 1 year. This is the reason we pick the LONG TERM INVESTING strategy. In long-term NO LOSS if you pick undervalued stocks, hold & sell when over-valued!


This is one good solution for the Short-Term Investors. Whenever your Multibagger reaches 100% levels, Sell 50%. Now your Capital is Free, You can Hold it for Long Term for INFINITE RETURNS as the cost of you is Zero now!

So Short-Term Investors can do this without even checking back to Advisor.

Note: Please do not Chat back on this – as I will be bombarded with lot of queries.

THEORY OF NO LOSS (Long-Termers)

Long Term Celebrity Investors like Ramesh Damani, Vijay Kedia, Dolly Khanna won’t be worried about bear market crashes. Instead they will be Buying More during the time using their 30% Free Cash Fund. They treat this as Opportunity as they are getting a Growth Stock at Under-valued Price. They know in the long term this will Compound their Capital more & Other stocks in Portfolio will cover the losses. So a Long Term Investors should have this mentality. In long term NO LOSS!

Remember, if a stock goes 50% down, there is another stock covering it with 100% up!

Also, if a stock goes 80% down, there is another stock covering it with 200% up!

Then you have other rocking multibaggers of 500% or 1000% returns in long term – these gives the Super Boost to portfolio.


I would like to give Stock Updates on only few of the multibaggers which require attention.

2021 Multibaggers are Rocking & Short-Termers can use Infinite Return Strategy, Long-Termers can just HOLD.





2020 Multibaggers requires few comments.

Asian Oil is still at Flat Returns around recommended price even though the company displayed 25% growth in EPS. The reason for Flat Returns is prolonged Covid issues. This is still a HOLD. But, people who seeks to free capital can SELL this at current price & Re-invest in high-growth multibaggers. [Transparency: Advisor is holding]

Cochin Shipyard gave 20-25% Returns considering the Dividends. The Covid is still a stagnation reason for the company & in the long term this is a good stock to HOLD. But, people who seeks to free capital can SELL this at current price & Re-invest in high-growth multibaggers. [Transparency: Advisor is holding]

2019 Multibaggers are mentioned below.

Sreeleathers also hit bad with the prolonged Covid issues & the management was not dynamic enough to move to Online sales. The stock price around Rs. 140 was a good support level as management was buying back at this price. Recently the stock price gained some momentum & the underlying growth post-covid should make it a multibagger in my view. HOLD. [Transparency: Advisor is holding]

CAPLIN POINT gave 100-200% returns depending on the Incremental Buy Strategy of Investor. The company growth is still there but the Intrinsic Value Discount is less than 30%. The growth should continue but one who seeking to Free Capital can SELL Partial/Fully at current price. [Transparency: Advisor prefers to sell]

Bonus Stocks we recommended last year are clocking around 100-500% returns & HOLD.

Other Stocks not mentioned here are also HOLD.


I am getting multiple Discount Queries from Existing Customers as our Subscription Fees increased 50% from 2 years back due to the marketing cost also increased. Remember, we are still the Low Cost & High Performing Advisor in India – we keep the prices low so more & more retail investors can benefit.

For people who still seek further discount here is the Blanket Discount Offer of 15%:

This is a win-win way for discount seekers as you will gain discount & we will gain business.

[ONLY for existing customers – Subscription expiring in 1 Year can also Extend – New Subscribers will get Discount on Next Renewal]

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