Mukesh Ambani – THE BIGGEST Value Unlocker of India & Opportunities Associated!

Shortly after our Agriculture Multibagger Release there were few Skeptics saying Farmers Act 2020 will Kill the Farmers & Only Benefit Mukesh Ambani’s Jio Mart.. Mukesh Ambani is Monopolist etc.! This post is to answer those queries.

Mukesh Ambani is Monopolist but Value-Oriented!

If you look back to India before Jio you can Notice the difference today.

  • Digital Revolution is Happening
    • More Smartphone Sales
    • More Internet Users
    • More Digital Entrepreneurs through Facebook Pages & YouTube Channels
    • New World of Digital India was opened

Note that India is offering Cheapest Internet Plan than USA!

All these were possible due to the Great Mukesh Ambani! Otherwise these Airtel, Vodafone were Monopolizing the SmartPhone Internet with 100 MB plans per day!! Ambani killed their Monopoly!!

Remember in 2005 it was the same Mukesh Ambani came with Rs. 1000 Phone in India! At the time it enabled more users to afford mobile. Now more mobile users can afford daily internet.

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Business Men have Equal Role of Innovator

When talking about Technology everybody Praises Innovators!

BUT Futurecaps takes a different view – Innovators just are NOT Enough! There should be Entrepreneurs to Make it Affordable to the Mass People so that the Country as a Whole benefits from it!

Example: A hotel owner turning digital can sell 10X more foods, more customers enjoy it, business earning more income, it creates more jobs & paying more tax to the country thereby GDP Increase! Win-Win-Win!!

All these were possible due to the Digital Revolution of India created through Ambani’s Jio!

Farmers too can benefit with Digital India

Digital India made more Agricultural Apps & Smartphones available to Farmers too. They can now use the Technology to get a higher bid on the product & gain more income.

JioMart will KILL Monopoly!

Currently the harsh monopoly is created by Brokers & Middlelayers who take the Farmer Output at a Cheaper Cost. Then they sell it at 5X or 10X of the cost while the Farmer has to Suicide. Jio Mart will definitely kill this ugly monopoly & Offer better prices to the farmers. No doubt JioMart will increase the Income of Farmers thereby they can Expand to more farming, leverage on bio-technologies for better yields.

I see Ambani as a Responsible Indian from the earlier days of Dhirubhai Ambani itself. Their core strategy is Gain a Small Margin & Make Profit from Large Volume!

Society has to Respect Good Entrepreneurs!

Not an Endorsing for Reliance Industries!

Please note that we are not endorsing people to buy Reliance Industries as it is NOT a multibagger at current price. It was a multibagger during 2017 when Jio was launched. In recent times with new genes on board the company launches Innovative Technologies at Competitive Prices like Jio, JioMart, JioFiber, JioGlass so that even American Multi-nationals started associating with them. Hopefully if Jio is coming with an IPO we will see!

Opportunities Ahead

The value unlocking of Jio is happening & more to be revealed in coming years.

  • Agriculture Companies will get increased business as Farmers have more Affordability to their products. Companies like Kaveri Seeds, Insecticides India, Kilpest will have rocking times ahead.
  • E-commerce is to boom. Corona moved away people from Malls to Online Stores. We need to capture E-commerce based companies
  • Logistics Business are secondary earners. We may see a boom in the Logistics operations & frontend courier providers as all these online packages of Amazon, Flipkart, JioMart are going to be delivered through them.
  • Doctor Visit App is new entrant. People are now more trusting to visit Doctors online. They can get treatment advice right from the comfort of the home.
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