New Super Multibagger like Bajaj Finance Released!

Congratulations to All! who have invested in Bajaj Finance 2013 which was our Multibagger.


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Secrets of 50X Returns

New Investors used to ask me how a 50X Returns is possible in 10 Years – It is Rs. 2 Lakh to 1 CRORE!!

Secret No. 1 As per Warren Buffet theory, find a branded business with EPS Growth 20% or more. The brand is a surety that it has a quality business, customers are retained & new ones are attracted through reference & reputation.

This will give 10X returns in 10 Years.

What about the remaining 5X Returns?

Secret No. 2 Once the multibagger is growing past Rs. 1000 Crore Capitalization it now Open Doors to Mutual Funds & Foreign Funds to enter. Big money comes in, Big marketing goes out, all these will attract more Investors make the PE go beyond the Rational Levels of 10 to may be PE 50 or 100.

This gives another 5X returns!!

TOTAL So total you have 10X x 5X = 50X!

This is how all the multibaggers like Infosys, TCS, V-Guard, Page Industries are created.


OKAY! You missed it..

Likewise other investors who missed the ship.. Don’t Worry!

We are bringing another SUPER MULTIBAGGER with similar kind of business & higher growth than Bajaj Finance.

This is released 1 week back in September 2021.

You can DOWNLOAD the multibagger report immediately on SUBSCRIPTION.

new multibagger like bajaj finance


Warren Buffet Way of Value Investing

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