Omicron Variant & Market Actions

The world is reacting to the newly discovered Covid Variant named Omicron – It was reported to be More Threatening & Infectious compared to the other variants.


We are seeing market selling actions in Asian & US markets based on the fear. The selling wave can come to smallcap & microcaps too in next few weeks. Coupled with the IPOs locking Investor Funds the Bear Market could go deeper too. Here are the market actions for you:

Market Actions for Short-Term Investors

You are a Short-Term Investor if you check the stock prices daily, feel happy about price moving up & feel unhappy when it goes down. Clearly saying to you: You are in Wrong Path! You need Training to become Rich through stock market.

However, You should be thinking of Selling now & Buying bottom. Hence you can perform the following:

  • Find the stocks whichever went 500% or above in your portfolio – including Futurecaps stocks like Tata Elxsi, Olectra, Goldiam etc. Sell them 30% – Now you got your capital back. You can hold the remaining.
  • Remaining stocks – all you can sell 50% or 100% and later buy back them from market bottom.
  • You can buy them back at 30-50% down levels – There is a Risk that you may not get that levels too!

DO NOT SEND any whatsapp or email messages for same – Take actions per your emotions!

Market Actions for Long-Term Investors

As a follower of Warren Buffett, the Long-term Investor does not get Jittered by the short-term price crashes. They see it as Opportunity.

Keep aside 30% Funds for buying at the bottom. In the long-term the Portfolio will be in Profit-only. I have never seen our portfolio in loss above 2 years. Then above 5 years it was super-profit always.

We will be publishing Bonus Multibaggers also if any super bear market opportunity like Mar-2020 arrives.

DO NOT SEND any whatsapp or email messages for same – Take actions per your thoughts!

Determine which Category are you?

If you cannot view 30-50% price crashes as Opportunity then you are in Short-Term Investor category.

If you expect 500-5000% returns then you should be Ready to Sail through 30-50% loss times too. As a matter of fact, you are putting only your Risk Capital in stock market, which you don’t need in next 5 years. Remember, price crashes everywhere – Real Estate crashed 30% in value which is in Millions or Crores for you – but since you are not monitoring the daily price you are not feeling it. So why get jitterred only for stocks?

What is Advisor Team action?

We have seen lot of bear markets like this. All our multibaggers are high quality growth companies – the Vision for us is minimum 5 years holding. We see it as Opportunity to buy more. Remember, we never fully allocated in a particular multibagger- only 50-70% allocation was possible as the prices went up- so this is will be an opportunity for us to fill 100% or may be 50% for few super stocks too.

DO NOT SEND any whatsapp or email messages for same – Take actions per your thoughts!


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