Corona Recession Strategies

Update: Our corona recession strategies – stock pick has yielded 50% returns from in 1 month from recommended price – hence No new buying on current price recommended.

Recession Strategy

As informed earlier, the Global Economy has entered a Recession – At this time A Smart Investor should be taking Calculated Moves to ensure Health & Wealth Preservation!

Emergency Fund ensure all of you have 1 year emergency fund kept aside as FD, Gold etc.

Businesses Strategy

Following are the business sectors affected.

Boom Slowdown Bust Sectors during Corona Recession
Boom Slowdown Bust Sectors during Corona Recession

The BEACH Stocks (Booking, Entertainment, Airlines, Casino, Hotels) are the Severely affected ones including Mall, Theaters, Entertainment Parks etc.

At the same time, we can see Lot of Business are in Boom too – Pharma, Internet, Digital Media, Online Entertainments, Online Education etc.  So one should make use of these Booming sectors to Offset the losses!

Business Strategies during Recession

  • Convert to Online Businesses
    • Retailers should adapt Home Delivery through Tie-ups with Delivery Infrastructure folks like Swiggy, Zomato etc.
    • Big Brands involving Fashion & Electronic Goods should adapt Online Sales through like Amazon, Flipkart etc.
    • Theater & Movie businesses should release new movies through Netflix as:
      • It will take another 1 Year for people to come back to Theaters
  • Tour & Hotel business should conduct Virtual Tours where the Host will run Videos of the premises
    • Temples can also conduct Virtual Tour & Online Poojas
    • Tips can be received through Mobile Apps
  • Liquor Businesses should convert to Online where additional charges can be levied
    • Government gets High Tax revenue from these which is Essential to Offset the Losses on Other Tax & Healthcare expenses related to Corona
  • Education can be done Online through eBooks, Online Meetings with Zoom, Google etc.
    • Even Microsoft today converted Offline Examinations to Online from Home
    • There is a Potential of Pooled App where Multiple Educational Institutions can rely on a Single App for shared usage – in this way the cost will be less in sharing education contents, broadcasting webinars, conducting examinations etc.
  • Computer Hardware
    • I see lot of computer hardware sales spike due to Work from Home – laptop, desktop, modem, router
  • Information Technology & Computer Software
    • We are observing Dual Trends in this area as IT Sector is serving multiple businesses – so few businesses like airlines are down & others like gaming & streaming are boom
    • The employees in Weak Business Sector should empower themselves with latest skills, certifications & be ready for facing a challenge – thus they can move to a Growth Business Sector in less time in case of trouble
    • Many Software Jobs (Cloud, Cyber Security etc.) are seeing a Boom in March & April 2020 as per Dice portal LINK
  • Real Estate
    • The work from home culture have affected Commercial Real Estate rents & prices
    • The constructions have stopped above 30% as of now – builders are saving so as they do not see any demand for next 6 months
    • Any home purchases should be kept aside for 6 months – to save cash as well as get the best deal
    • See our Premium Rent vs Buy Calculator to empower your decisions LINK
  • Gulf & Oil
    • Gulf area is affected due to Oil Prices leading from Troubles from Russia & Corona
    • Once the Corona is on control the Oil Prices will move up & Jobs will start to restore
    • It will take another 3-6 months from now for the recovery to show on
  • Digital India
    • Thanks that we have Jio & Other Internet Providers to back on so that Most of the businesses can continue – otherwise the Issued would have been even higher.

No Apps?

Apps can be created in a matter of 10 days – Ask any good App Developer Community – If you have a Solid Business then they will create the App Free too for running Ads Revenue.

Corona is 3 Months Severe Problem

Corona will be a Sever Problem for 3 months (Mar to May) – due to multiple factors like quarantine, cure arrival, climate change etc.  After that it can slow down Or improvise from the bottom by lockdown relaxing.

(already the growth of corona cases is reducing & stock futures are up – so this may not go worse that much; see MIT study LINK)

Stock Market

Let us talk our core business on Corona Recession Strategies. Stocks will crash heavily in this time – if the prices are over-valued the crash will be more – so I see more crash in US stocks than in Indian stocks.

If you are an INTELLIGENT INVESTOR You have to:


Converting Problems to Opportunity is the Only thing you can do!

Stock Market Strategy

Don’t Panic & Do not check your portfolio on these days – as it is going to be miserable.  Now the time changed & you should change the strategy too.

As you know, during 2015 slowdown times, instead of being panic & selling stocks, we came up with a Gold Strategy which gained 500% returns in 5 years.

Note Futurecaps already warned followers in 2018 the market was high & to book profits – we have done the same.  We re-entered during 2019 when the smallcap & midcap was down.  Now we are seeing another bear attack which we should be approaching judiciously.

Bear Market are Boons!

As I said before, Worrying is a Waste of Time!

Instead of worrying, One can convert Problems to Opportunities – See the chart below – Historically all the bear markets have multi-fold bull runs covering them.  So if you can buy the stocks low – then you can get 5X-10X returns in next 3-5 years. LINK

History of US Bear & Bull Markets

Similar report we are publishing here along with 5 stocks to invest during recession times.  This is a Paid Report as we don’t want to waste our Effort on wrong hands.

This Presentation contains the following contents:


Minimum & Maximum Levels of Crisis!


What else you can do the Idle Time to increase your Value!


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